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    I’m not sure why, but there is a large number of visitors to the site this week. Hopefully the server will be able to handle it, I’ve already upped my bandwidth limit.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Maybe you should be looking into those posts from mandara k. She seems to be sucking your bandwidth dry. 😆

    ed: gender error 😛 Just presumed a he, because she reminds me of a friend of mine. 😉


    Oh please stop teasing Mandara! She shares her thoughts and dreams with us, while the rest of us mostly just read and enjoy. Besides, I always pictured her like the character Kate Winslet plays in the Eternal Sunshine – so her on-line persona, at least, is unquestionably and emphatically female.


    I’ve taken down the pictures galleries for a few days until my bandwidth re-sets again.

    Hopefully it’ll last until Monday.

    I’ll be moving to a new host when mark II design has been completed and I can move over the thousands of pages to the new databases.

    We shouldn’t have this problem next month.

    If you want to have a play with the new content management system (this is a test server, just for testing some softwaer – NOT the new – graphics and layout will be a lot different!), it’s at

    mandara k

    Well Happy New Year to you too hishadow (get a haircut ya bum)!

    Please Saddy, take down any thread that I’m leeching too much bandwidth…. I feel so ashamed….. 😳

    Well alnexi likes my posts…. so there 😛

    That’s okay, when you make blog room may be I’ll just blog so I can say what i need to say and you won’t have to read it 😛

    I’m female, at least the last time I took a shower I was… things could change but well I like being a girl.

    I’d say i would be a free spirit with too much time on my hands obviously…

    That is going to change….. this year…. I’m going to make some sweeping changes… out with the old; in with the new….

    and may be next year it will be hisshadow sucking all the bandwidth….

    And all my not quite friends in cyberland…Don’t be hating…. just post more…..

    Ciao bella; and happy New Year to all!


    😀 😀 “Welcome back……Your dreams were your ticket out……”

    😯 🙄

    WHOOPS!! sorry…….wrong genre 🙄 😳

    mandara k


    Speaking of dreams; I was watching or more correctly trying to watch the DaVinci Code and then dreamt i was in the movie and was berating Tom Hanks by saying “how can you take such a good novel and turn it into a bad movie?” Then I reworked the whole thing and it was better; more like the book.

    He was annoyed at first then he caught on; and thanked me at the end.


    😯 That had to be one expensive dream. When you woke up did you check your pocket book? You know Hanks doesn’t work (ANYWHERE) for free! 😆


    Just while I catch up with my bandwidth quota.

    I’m desparately working to move the site to a new server but that can only happen witha acomplete re-vamp of the site.

    I’ll notify when the downloads section is back. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Posts sucking bandwidth? Naw…. pictures suck bandwidth, illegal linking sucks bandwidth. Posts, no matter how long, are a mere blip on the bandwidth scale.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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