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    The international fanclub of former LEXX actor Eva Habermann is sponsoring a chat. It will be held in German and English. So far I have no info on the chat server address for the irc junkies among us. I will keep trying. So until further notice the only way into the chat is http://www.knuddels.de/eva/indexengl.html

    The time is Saturday July 10th, 2004 at about 4pm German time according to en, which would make it 11 am Atlantic, 10 am eastern, 9am central time, 8am mountain and 7 am pacific

    Jen says the latest news is that Eva Habermann, Xenia Seeberg, Patricia Zentilli, Ellen Dubin, Louise Wischermann, Doreen Jacobi and Brian Downey will take part in the chat.

    Confirmations so far? Brian knows about it, But Ellen doesn’t. She is up for it of course, but it depends on the time and her schedule. No word back yet from Pat or Louise.


    Ellen has been updated and is checking to see if she is available… she is currenty filming, and of course they have first claim on her time. Jen, the Eva Fan Club Moderator confirms no MMM Twack…. But come on, who really thought that?


    Pat Z is also onboard for this. 😀 Confused on a detail or two, but definitely on board. Also on the Yahoogroups Lexx FanClub there is a poster who said they speak both, so I imagine translations will not be too much of a problem.


    Ms. Z reports that Louise is aware of the time, and will try to make it, schedule permitting.

    Also Ms. Dubin said she would be there.

    You may want to go register your name now. When you get to the second screen where they ask for a lot of personal info, you can skip that part and still be registered.


    heya all 😀

    here’s something I wrote for the new lexx board, http://www.lexxfans.com.
    it could be useful for those ppl who’d like to come to the lexx cast chat tomorrow :). (sorry for my crappy english; it’s 4.40 am for me right now and I am VERY tired)

    -if you didn’t register yet, you should do it NOW . go to http://www.knuddels.de/eva
    click on “neu registrieren”, a box comes up, type in a username and a password and repeat the password. that should be all. click on “ich habe die AGBs verstanden und akzeptiert” to proceed to the next window. all you have to do there is click on “jetzt einloggen”. that’s all .

    -there will be 2 chatrooms tomorrow. after logging in under http://www.knuddels.de/eva you should see those 2 rooms. I guess they’re called /promitalk1 and /promitalk2

    -in chatroom 1 will be eva, doreen, ellen and brian
    -in chatroom 2 will be xenia, patty, louise and probably michael

    -if you want to be in both rooms, register a 2nd nick. then open another browser window and log in under the 2nd name too and enter the other chatroom

    -it’s a moderated chat. means that you type your question (you can type in english or german) in the message bar, not as a PM, and the mods decide what question will be posted

    -you HAVE to type something within a minute or you will be kicked out of the chatroom.

    -to send a private message to someone, e.g. me (lol), type in (no matter in which room you are):
    /p gela12: hallo
    your text should appear in the chatroom window, starting with “iStan (ok that’s just an example, lol” flüstert zu gela12: hallo
    (means: iStan whispers to gela12….)
    noone can read that message except you. the first part, “iStan flüstert zu gela12” should be highlighted red

    -to save your chatlog, press the SHIFT button and do a left mouse click into the chat window. a little box will come up, saying “save all” (or something like that)

    I hope I didn’t forget anything, if so, I may add it later.

    chat will take place at 4 pm CET, 8 am MDT, 9 am CST, 10 am EST and so on . 😉



    If you are having trouble registering, don’t forget to check the little box at the bottom that has AGB in the sentence.


    Well peeps I was going to try to log it or copy it, but the java chat portal was about as stable as a three store house with a lemon Meringue foundation. I was dropped repeatedly.

    Of course the distraction of theSpouse Driving his truck into a bar ditch did not help. The truck was rescued…. yeah Auto Club! But the cat was just too aggervating to stick with.

    Apparently MMM Twack and Brian did not show. MMM Twack is reportedly living in Germany and Perhaps Brian overselpt. 😛


    I understand Gela, XS4Xevr and iStan have portions of the chat , which will be posted soon. NO ONE apparently got all of the chat.

    They really needed to have this on mirc server. 😛


    Just a little update…

    I and others kept getting dropped from the chat, but much of it has been pieced together and translated. You can read it here

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