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    We need some suggestions form forum for DC2004.

    Last years forums that did not involve the cast were

    Lexx, Sci-Fi’s Red Headed Step Child?
    Panelists: Dawn Benton, Patrick Cranford, Michaelle Frey, Kelley
    Harkins, Den Valdron It was always the most guilty of pleasures, but
    did Sci-Fi hinder the growth of the Lexx fan base with its insane
    scheduling and lack of promotion?

    Musical Maestros: Patrick Cranford, Michaelle Frey, Kelley Harkins
    Join us for a Rocky Horror-style rendition of Lexx’s unique musical

    To Kai or Not To Kai
    Panelists: Kelley Harkins, Den Valdron
    A tribute to everyone’s favorite undead assassin. Given Michael
    McManus’ decision to leave would a fifth season have worked without

    Other thoughts that had been submitted, but were not chosen last
    year were:

    3. Lexx Costuming – (not terribly likely, costume track are not
    really being considered.
    5. Lexx Merchandising or lack thereof in the Dark Zone
    6. Lexx Craft Exhibit
    10. Reading – Valdron Excerpt??? Script?? Lexx Fiction???
    11. Kai vs. Stanley – Who to take home to mother
    12. Lexx Fan Fiction and what to watch out for
    13. Lexx Trivia Game (Which I really, really like)
    14. Lexxian Curses for Petulant Principals (So you want to swear
    like 790?)
    15. Lexx Game Show (What’s my line)
    16. 790 Poetry Contest


    How about a topic that focuses more on the content of the show? The show is over (for the moment at least) and I think that it might be nice to look at the work as it stands.

    Some topics that might get people talking, esp. if clips of the show can be shown:

    1) Lexx: Homophobic or Homoerotic?

    2) Lexx: Is it funny or just weird? In a review for the last episode TV guide criticized the show for not taking itself seriously enough. Is this a fair criticism, or an example of a mainstream critic not “getting” the show?

    3) Philosophy in the dark zone: What is the nature of evil on Lexx?
    OR Would you toss your friend off of a moving Gondola over a lake of fire?

    New edit:
    I had another idea that might help bring in people attending the convention who are not necessarily lexxphiles– a discussion of the effects, with a screening (if possible) of one of the “making of” segments.

    One of the things that really sets the look of Lexx apart was the use of extensive cgi to create a world for the characters to inhabit. How did they do it? I know that all of us die hard fans have most of the Dvd’s with the making of S3 for example, but a lot of people from a wider scifi audience might be interested in viewing a making of segment– especially if expenses and logistics conspire to prevent the stars of the show from making an appearance this year. 😥


    OR a topic that focusses on the style of various shows the LEXX crew and cast have worked on, and compare/contrast them with LEXX.

    Here’s an idea (you’ve probably done similar things before)…

    The Lexx auteurs:

    In film, auteur (or author) theory dictates that some directors (whether writers or not) leave a stylistic imprint on all their films, maintain artistic control, and it is their primary vision, their creativity and style, their design that ultimately determines the end result of the film. However, many argue that the industrial medium of making film (and TV) is a collaborative effort (writer, director, cinematographer, producer, actors etc.), and no one individual should be given the primary credit as too many people are working on it and there are too many forces at work (including economic ones). In TV, writers rather than directors are far more likely to be considered auteur – as the director’s tend not to have the same creative control. Is Lexx a truly, FULLY collaborative effort, or is there a primary auteur, someone whose vision stands out more than the others at least (a Divine Bean if you will, well there is a Divine Bean). When looking at their other work, can you see similarities, stylistic imprints/flourishes cropping up again and again?

    So, on that note and angle, prepare a slideshow, employ clips, and discuss the LEXX cast and crew’s overall body of work, and see how it relates to the LEXX universe (compare, perhaps on a scene-by scene basis). For instance, are there common motifs, ideas, and stylistic similarities to be found in the Beans non-Lexxian projects? Why were the directors, and Marty Simon chosen for Lexx, have they worked on similar shows? How about the Lexx cast? Have they portrayed similar characters in other shows? Why were they chosen for Lexx (their qualities, other gigs)? Have any of them been typecast since? I certainly recognise that Nigel Bennett’s Prince character owed a lot to his Forever Knight one, and have seen Ellen Dubin as a few sci-fi villains in other movies/shows.

    It would be a lot of work to really research this (though there must be others who have done so) and to prepare the individual clips and slides for presentation.

    Edit: More ideas:

    To be discussed with visual aids again…

    How about a philosophical discussion on LEXX symbolism, religion, and ideology… Political ideas of the Cluster etc. What statements does LEXX make about the world we live in, and how we interact with others (I think the Beans were quite clever when it comes to these questions)? What are the major messages of the show? Was S4 more satirical or farcical? etc.

    Also, what does it mean to be LEXXian? How does one let ones LEXXiness shine in every day life?


    I’m in agreement with you, lizard,
    It should focus more on the show itself; they should reflect on what the show’s about, concept, that sort of thing. Here are some suggestions on some Lexx panels:
    1) Lexx – All sex, all the time or just a plain good show
    2) Lexx Season 2
    a) season 3
    b) Season 4
    3) The concept of Lexx
    4) Favourite Epsiodes of Lexx from the viewers themselves
    5) How Kai became Dead
    6) Why is Stan the way he is
    7) How & why Zev became a Love Slave
    8) Why 790 acts the way he does.
    9) A ship called The Lexx

    I hope this helps some & hopefully others will come up with more; I would also like to help doing panels if you need me or would like me to.

    Lexxians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    I’m in agreement with you, lizard,
    It should focus more on the show itself; they should reflect on what the show’s about, concept, that sort of thing…..

    Just to clarify my thinking somewhat, Jhevz (since yours may in part be a response; especially since it directly followed it): I thought Lizard’s ideas were wonderful, and I do think that the majority of the discussion should intensely focus on the actual LEXX show, and the concepts within the show (per Lizard’s ideas). I know I replied to Lizard’s post with “Or…” but I should have said instead, “And….”

    Since there will be many forums, I thought my initial suggestion might be an interesting workable supplement to the other discussions (I tend to be more interested in the relations between things, than the things [by] themselves… For instance, the relations between the various shows that the cast and crew worked on, but still with LEXX as the focal point — the others would be compared to LEXX — stylistically, thematically etc.). However, it’s probably not exactly the most compelling of ideas 😆 (posted it when it popped into my idea before thinking it out carefully. Of course I can’t even attend the Con, but neat reading people’s suggestions here).

    Anyway, good suggestions all. 🙂

    My favourites from the ones theFrey, Lizard, and Jhevz posted:

    The ones that theFrey listed that were not used last year:

    The 790 Poetry Contest. Love the idea! 🙂
    The Lexx Trivia Game. Great!
    The Lexx Game Show (What’s My Line)

    How about incorporating another LEXX Show into the Game Show? You’d need a laugh meter, and if someone’s lines bomb, or they can’t think of any lines, then… Yes, you guessed it… It’s Specialty Show! 😆 😉 I kid of course.

    Lizard: all great and, dare I say it, scholarly ideas. I love the idea of discussing philosophy and LEXX from any angle. All of your ideas should stimulate very lively discussions.

    Jhevz: I like the “concept of Lexx.” Do you mean the basic premise of the show? That topic could have a narrow focus or a wide focus (many concepts within LEXX). One could also discuss key concepts from each of the four seasons. Interesting questions of yours, and they could all be discussed in a single forum.

    Lotsa great ideas from you peeps, I’m sure it’ll be a fabulous convention for Lexxians,



    Since there will be many forums, ….
    My favourites from the ones theFrey, Lizard, and Jhevz posted:

    May be….. may be many forums…. it depends on how good our ideas are and what else is on the schedule. 😀


    Well Logan,
    What I meant by that is, tell others how it all got started, who the main characters are, why each of them are they way they are & the different travels they go; also, the 3 seasons & the 4 movies that started it all. There may be fans that don’t know how it got started & the like & I’d just like them to know; also, I think it would be fun to answer questions from fans & nonfans alike.

    It would all depend on how many panels we get & so on, but I do hope we get somemore. 🙂

    Lexxians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    Yeah, I kinda forget not everybody will have spent the time getting acquainted with and educated on those topics like some of us have in Lexx forums. Those more basic topics could also work as a sort of primer for Lizard’s questions which would come later. Good idea!

    Also need to have those fun and games ideas; maybe at a Lexxian party. Don’t know how many “official” forums there will be, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of room for lots of great discussion there — there always is when you have a gathering of Lexxians.

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