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    Lexx Gear for Christmas????

    Lexx Raffle – We have completely paid for one of the tables we rented, and have a decent start on paying for the second. So please check out the raffle!!! Perhaps we could finish the raffle by Christmas! What a great holiday gift that would be for either you or your special friends! http://thefrey.com/raffle.htm

    Third Prize now available – Lexx Gear – Donated by theFrey (US) Did you miss your chance to get any cool Lexx Gear when it was available for Dragon Con? Well it isn’t available anywhere else but here! I “HEART” his Divine Shadow Boxer shorts (XL), Lexx Ornament, DragonCon 2003 – “Kill a Trekkie” t-shirt (XL), “Kai spots a Klingon” – t-shirt (XL), “What’s not to Love” t-shirt, and a “Whats not to Love” Coffee Mug.

    We wish to thank our most recent supporters – B. Wheeler, and his lovely companion B. Wheeler, T. Neunzig, S. Woodridge, M. Kaioh and T Kes!

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