Lexx marathon is playing on daytime tv today and….

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    no more is scheduled on American scifi or skiffy channel! 😯

    Time to move on? 🙄

    Or have you done that already?


    This is not fair…I should have taken the day off but instead I sit here minding my accounting duties 🙄 Meanwhile, my wife was able to watch a few episodes this morning, and she only recently got into the series!!!!! To answer the question, I will always watch my precious Lexx on the tube, since it seems an epsiode is as scarce as protoblood itself. My wonderful wife got me S1 for X-mas and I plan on getting S2 and S3 in the near future. There will always be a place in my DVD player for Lexx. <sniff sniff>

    Why does Sci-Fi air re-runs of shows like ‘Roar’ ad nauseum but can’t mix in an episode of Lexx from time to time (and 3am doesn’t count!!!)?


    My TVguide claims at 11am they showed LuvLiner?

    Can anyone confirm?

    Only reason I ask is because Sci-Fi would not show this ep before, due to content. So either someone forgot, or maybe Sci-Fi USA is turning a new leaf, slightly.

    Renee .S

    Yep, they showed Luvliner.


    Man, that sucks. Seeing as how I only got to see a handful of episodes and I will not be able to buy any seasons of Lexx for quite some time. 🙁

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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