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    I haven’t seen this noted anywhere but Amazon is listing Lexx Season One to be released on October 7th. There is no other info, like package format or extras, but, There it is!

    Does anyone have more info?


    The distributor is Echo Bridge Entertainment. No extras are listed but Deep Discount DVD.com is listing it for $24.65 !


    Cool. Would have gotten it, but I recently got an australian release from Force Entertainment that had “The making of”-extras.


    that’s very cool, however,but isn’t that face in the top right the face of Xenia, who isn’t in the first season? perhaps it’s a relaunch of the whole thing.  I was hoping for BluRay.

    It’s also listed on the Canada store, which gives it more credibility, where it’s said to be by Echo Bridge Entertainement, which has a deal with  Aliance Atlanti, ultimate owners of Lexx


    I just ordered season one at amazon $35 for  4 disk package due out October 7th, . I have seen all of the tv seres form begianing to end using netflix, but none of the 4 movies . Cant wait!! Thanks for the tip.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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