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    Whats this i keep hearing about a movie of Lexx, is there any truth in this, if so i would love to find out more.


    Sorry, but there is not one shread, smigen, or spec of truth in this one.

    While several of the cast might like to do this, and Ms. Seeburg has aluded to it numerous times, not one whisper has emerged on this. And trust me, with all the Lexx fans looking for this news who know the various powers that be, if this was being considered some one would have heard something.

    On the plus side, Ms. Donovan may be shooting some stuff on his Italina REn thingy, BORGIAS this january/feburary in Halifax. This is not carved in stone yet, but it has been mentioned. And…. there is a more that good chance that we might see a lexx guest or two in it. 😀


    Many thanks for clearing that one up, its a pity though, who will fill the visual void left by the demise of the mighty Lexx, because for guys at Star Trek certainly cannot.

    No sign of any spin off’s either what a bummer but again cheers.


    Yep, a Lexx spinoff would be great. In fact, anything Lexx would be great. Imagine watching a Tweedle spin off. It’s be like Star Trek meets Leisure Suit Larry.


    I’d like to see Mantrid host a talk show, Cooking With Giggy, and a Feppo & Smoor variety show.


    Hey some great ideas

    How about a real xevivor …….mmmhhh……….

    Kai introducing “songs of praise”

    Live Chess hosted by Prince

    Or my fav Breakfast Aerobics with the 1st lady Bunny now that i would pay per view for any day.

    and i love “Leisure suit larry” glad someone else remembers it.


    HDS doing a ‘Dr Phil’ show.


    HDS doing a ‘Dr Phil’ show.

    “Now, Mr Smith, Shoot, yourself………….SHOOT!!



    Guest: My husband has been cheating on me with the neighbour’s cocker spaniel.

    HDS: Kill him.

    Guest: Kill him?

    HDS: Yes. Now kill yourself.

    The ratings would go through the roof.


    a “cleansing,”..Dr. Phil style!! 😈


    Call me thick …..but who is HDS please 😳


    His Divine Shadow. HDS is the abreviation people use.

    It is also the nick used by a Lexxian in Atlanta who is a master costumer. But he of course is not who was being refered to in this thread. 😉



    Its so obvious when you know duh



    No obvious is the first four movies.


    What movies are them pls barabbas


    As Frey and other Lexxians can tell you, the “First Season” were made as four 2 hour “movies” and shown on Showtime here in the states (other locations can vary)

    1.0 I Worship his Shadow
    2.0 Super Nova
    3.0 Eating Pattern
    4.0 Giga Shadow

    Which laid out all the groundwork for the following seasons 2, 3, & 4 which had “hour long” episodes and in a nutshell there you go.

    BTW currently you cannot get this “First Season” here in the states on DVD I had to go to our friends in the North.


    hehehe oh Frey.. Just saw your message in the pub.. like in june… heheh you forgot the 2nd “b” in my name. and as an answer… just here… hehehe

    and for all involved in the Futurama guide I’ll be sending more stuff soon, been too busy being jobless sorry…


    Cheers Barabbas

    Cant say fairer than that, in the UK they weren’t classed as movies.

    With regards to the Futurama stuff i cant wait for the new guide, i love bender he rocks.

    Also i can sympathise with being jobless as i am “inbetween jobs” at the mo and it is one hectic life style.

    Oh one more thing i watched “a midsummer nights dream” last night and never laughed so much at an episode before, it reminded me of pantomime’s when i was a kid and i was all ready for shouting out “behind you” at the tv.

    It would be great to see Lexx the stage show or Lexx the pantomime (hint hint)



    BTW currently you cannot get this “First Season” here in the states on DVD I had to go to our friends in the North.

    Thanks for that tip…I want to get the 1st season and I would have been very frustrated for a long time before I figured that one out.

    n5 -kopele

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