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      doe ray me[/list:u]


          doe ray me

          I give up.

          Anybody know what a list does and what you’re supposed to list?


          A “list” is one of the most powerful tools out there. Sadgeezer has a list called a Sci-fi Directory and is the mark of this website. I am also compiling a list (of free thinkers…..) that is available to anyone of like mind that is interesteed in happenings in this area of interest. It is a compilation of things that are connected in some way; a tool. A list can be used for good or evil, ranking, storing or just “tidying up”; many go shopping with a list (but many do not and spend too much…..). Actually…..why was this question put forth on this board?



          Ack! We’ve lost all the thread that explained how the

          [code:1][list][/list] and [code][/code][/code:1]

          Functions work!

          Woe! 😥


          Right, since we’ve lost the thread, I shall attempt to recreate some of what was here for future generations who stumble into Sad’s, desperate to know what the list and code functions are for.
          (Original leg work done by Pet and SadGeezer)

          If you put a code function on whatever you’ve typed, it will prevent any functions inside the code box from working.

          for example,
          if I emboldened some text
          (highlighted it and then pressed the ‘bold’ button), it just goes bold.

          If I then wanted to show somebody what had actually been put round the text to make it bold, I can use the code function in the same way as the bold function to get this :-

          [code:1][b]if I emboldened some text[/b][/code:1]


          you can create lists as follows

            Which is done by preceding each item with [*] and then highlighting the lot and pressing the ‘List’ button

            You can create numbered lists in a similar way


              This is done the same way as before, but this time, you press the ‘List=’ button and then you add ‘1’ after the ‘=’

              You can also create alphabetic lists in exactly the same way except that you put ‘A’ after the ‘=’



                Tune in next week for my advanced quoting course 😉


                Thanks, and goodnight nurse


                Stealing a test!

                (you see, I can never tell if a board likes ‘gray’ or ‘grey’ as a color, so I must test)

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