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    Judas was the name of the Apostle that betrayed Jesus. Now granted that’s not really funny by its self-but it is funny that Rimmers middle name is Judas. Now it makes sense and who knows before he was Alexander the greats chief unic maybe he was really Judas in a past life.



    Alexander the Great predates Judas by some 300 years. But yes, the… um… negative connotations are why he tells everyone his middle name is “Jonathan,” at least according to Lister in “The Inquisitor.”

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    I read this book a couple months ago that had a list of names that, when given to fictional characters, almost invariably means that they’re bad. Judas was one of them.

    In case anyone cares, Judas is from Ioudas, which is the Greek form of the Y’hudhah, which simply means “Jew.”

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    Ah, but not all Judas-named people were bad, Remember Judah (wich is a form of Judas) Macabee, the hero of the festival, Hanuka.

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