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    just saw the time loop ep on 4 and am still snigering! stargate is great

    but it got me thinking about the last ever ep (if it hasnt been shown somewhere) here are some things that should happen if they havent already

    o’neail & carter get together

    gould are killed (then there cant be a crapy cartoon yey!)

    earth finds out about stargates and all hell DOESNT break lose

    teulk, doctor, anice and the general all live happily ever after

    if you have other sergestions or info that conteradicts mine please reply,

    also what would you do if you knew there would be no comcequences?


    I imagine that Stargate will end with the final destruction of the Goul’ud, Teal’c will return to Chulac and finally free the Jaffa, the Stargate program will finally be made public and SG1 will go on one final mission to wipe out any traces of the evil animated series based on their adventures. This will prove to be their most difficult mission yet but I believe SG1 will succeed. I mean they have to or we will all pay the price.


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    yeah that will probebly be what happens eventualy, though it would be nice if the show could just end with out lose end (as they leave posiblites for horible spinoffs eg cartoon)

    also i asked about concequences, since no ones replied i figred i should go first

    if i knew there wouldent be concequences i would

    1 make out with everyguy i fancied as they wouldnt remember and i wouldnt have to deal with relationships

    2 compmit every crime and bad thing ive ever wanted to but knew i shouldnt

    3 never do any work again


    I see what your saying, a what if episode. Now that would be interesting. Kind of like the TNG episode “Parallels” could be a very interesting episode.




    Originally posted by Bekka:
    just saw the time loop ep on 4 and am still snigering! stargate is great

    That was one of my favorite eps. I loved all the pranks O’Niell pulled, and the one that Teal’c pulled. Remember throwignthe door into that guys face. Just as that dude did in all the other timeloops.

    My favorite was when O’Niell was golfign into the Stargate, and general Hammond screms “what the hell are you doing” just as the loop ends.


    yeah, and carter and o’neal- that shouts to me that at the first chance they’ll be makingout for real, now all we need is a were gonna die so skrew the rule ep.
    of corse they wont die and then theres troble/ covering up by the others

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