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    1. The Nebula has the same effect on the Cylons as Ragnarok (sp?) which gives the rebels and fleet an opportunity to strike a blow and escape.

    2. The Nebula weakens the Cylons and allows the Battlestars an opportunity for an EMP attack? (Hard to believe battle units would not be hardened against this but perhaps in combination with the Nebula)

    3. Boomer reactivates her virus to save her child and infects the Cylons long enough to engineer an attack and escape by the Colonists/Fleet.

    4. SG-1 and the Oddyssy are sucked into the Supergate and hurled into the fray with the Cylons which with their shields allow them to cut a path though the Cylon fleet. Okay okay..just kidding but this is wild speculation so i had to throw something in there.


    Baltar decides he is tired of listening to a blond semi-figment of his immagination. He’s looked around and decided the only one pretty enough to be his idea match is Apollo. Apollo, is a bit taken aback at this, but is considering playing hard to get. He thinks this will be an excellent way to get on his old man’s last nerve.

    mandara k

    BAHAAAAAA! That’s good but Lee put on some poundage, I think it not likely.

    I just wonder if they’ll be enough fans left to watch this new season, man they are tearing into each other at Skiffy. 😆 I think it’s time too.

    They’ll be sweating bullets until they put the first few eps under their belts. I say you will lose some fans, and the numbers will drop, it’s a fact of life.

    You shouldn’t fear outside influences as much as you say, (see blog) but more evil friends. Those disasters can only destroy the body, not the “soul” and bad “friend” can destroy both.

    My question is where’s Ruby? Did she die or something? I’d tell him to update his profile on skiffy that says his wife is and Ruby and two kids. Hmmmm methinks I know why I got tossed. I hit a noirve, I hit paydirt, if the fans only knew, they may not like that and the TOS, oh they would have a field day and roast him alive.

    We have a saying around here “Don’t mess with the bull or you’ll get the horns.” 😈

    mandara k

    And you know timing is everything, balance and timing. This eps may be too dark for the new viewer, hell even the old viewer.

    Instead of sexy, and the best, the critics be saying a show to slit your wrist to.

    Ah, critics, they’re like a high priced whore: they look good, they are good at what they do ;they’ll make you feel like you are God on Earth…. until your credit card gets rejected. Then’s it’s on to the next john (show) 😯 😈 😛

    Sorry Charlie, you made your peak or apex in creativity, try something else for a while. 😈

    mandara k

    From what I can see these are general story arc ideas.

    Spoilers abound so watch your Six or six.

    From webisodes, a resistance led by Tigh and the gang that led to confrontation that takes an “eye for an eye”. Hopefully also sports away Ellen Tigh.

    Setting up a suicide bomber, to take a chunk out of the Cylon occupation.

    Lee and dad fight it out over going back to get the misguided fleet, will leave some behind in body bags and by choice. Possible blow up of Peggy.

    The Cylons, ala many sci-fi alien films, demand humans for breeding farms, which swells resistance ranks.

    Baltar turncoats and lands a swivel chair position in the Basetar and some Cylon hot nookie but well I think he’ll somehow weasel his way back out into space with the fleet.

    They get back on track in space toward Earth enough to end the season with seeing our solar system thus “jupiter’s eye”

    Sharon gets Hera back (thank goodness’ cause i can’t stand to see anymore running against doors and crap.) They let her out of jail and the happy Helo family reunites.

    Roslin returns as Prez and seer when the cancer reflares and on the ships they go.

    Starbuck gets to be cylon girl toy until the brainwashing slips then back to prison she goes.

    The typical faire of dragging innocents out of their tents.

    Really, I know this is implausible but this is what i like to have seen.

    Two fronts, resistance for decoy, masking a secret exodus off the planet, not the big we’re baaack…. insert big Cylon battle scene.

    The oracle throwing both the resistance and Cylons out of the temple, kinda like Jesus clearing the temple, and BTW a younger oracle of course and not one hyped up on kamala and candles and stones. It’s a new Age nightmare, but well what do you expect from those that are limited in understanding in this field. Neutrality gives the best view.

    Boomer of Caprica kills Cally, swipes the Chief’s kid and the new boy and Hera are raised together in a secret basestar with 100 Sharon nannies. 🙄

    etc… etc.. etc… 😛

    mandara k

    To be honest I have been following the show since the mini and usually i had some emotional reaction to the beginning of a season. It was anticipation for Season 1, and who shot Adama and will he live for 2.0, then i felt angry at how it was going but hopeful that 2.5 might turn into what i loved about the show. Then i watched the LDYBII and well I lifted an eyebrow and scratched my head and whispered Hmmm butI thought nothing of it really, there is so much going on in the world, and well a season lost in space can be made up in DVD’s on downloaded with technology.

    Now I feel detached from it, like another eternal commercial you sing the jingle to and you don’t know why. I feel blah about it. Not neccessarily negative but like that commercial, you think it will save the world if you watch it, and of course it doesn’t.

    I feel “eh”, unemotional, and that bodes no good. When something or someone enters my “eh” zone. I’d smile and congratulate them if they won the lottery, but would sympathize if they got a serious wreck, but inside it’s “eh” it doesn’t touch my life or set fire to my heart. it’s “eh”. All these promises in previews of making decisions between head and heart, don’t work, it’s cold, sterile, reality made nonreal. Not a shark jump, but as much as the actors, bless them, try it’s remains an “eh.”

    May be it’s because these people don’t really know or experienced what they write about or say, sure pretty words but no life experience to back it up. Now I could see if the writers given all the tension, would say “up yours Universal and sci-fi, we’ll do what we want,” but you know they never will. Gotta keep Mama in the way she is accustomed. How can you breathe life into words that don’t touch your life dear BSG writers? You can preach 9/11 and terrorist threats and politics till you are blue in the face, but you still get paid.

    There is no heart without “REAL” struggle.

    So, I think it’s time for one. What happens to bratty children who mouth off, claiming all sorts of tall tales to the universe? Yup, they get spanked, well a time out at least. It’s time for that. Let’s see how cocky you are after. 😈

    Me, an “eh” (thankfully) is one step from forgotten and a sign to move on! 😀

    mandara k

    Am addendum ( and probably not welcome on a posting BB) but once, just once I would like to see all of those that have thousands of posts on skiffy and sit in little cliques and critique the world from their keyboards to get up, go outside and talk with someone they have never met, if not talk at least smile at them. In place of posts in pseudo-friend land talk to another person you may have never talked to before and can see. And drop the banners, for one day.

    Then, you can sit comfy and talk about crazies shooting up schools, and etc… but if you don’t communicate with your world and those in it, you are the problem and not the solution.

    More Americans cut themselves off from others than ever before because of this little machine, its allure is that no one can call you on your bluff. How can we expect to solve any problems in front of this machine?

    So go naked! no banners, no sig lines, no self hype, for one posting day. Spend the time productively with those you can see. You may find they have more to offer then your beloved board pals.

    I’m doing it right now.

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