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    Men In Black 3 was really good. I have seen a lot of reviews stating how ‘tired’ it was, but I didn’t think so.

    Let’s face it, it is #3, so it is not all bright shiney new, but it was totally entertaining. And Josh Brolin did a fantastic job as younger Tommy Lee Jone’s agent K. There were numerous times I actually forgot it was a different actor playing the part.

    Very good. I’m glad I went to see it.


    Good to hear your positive view on it. Looking forward to seeing it myself !!


    I saw it the other day, next day I saw Prometheus.
    I much preferred MiB 3, It was wonderful.  I’d heard that it wasn’t as good as the previous films, but I enjoyed every minute of MiB 3.

    Prometheus was just a remake of Aliens with a twist as far as I could see (I appreciate that I am probably in the minority here as everyone I know actually enjoyed it 🙂 )


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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