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    Sky High is a movie I wanted to see, just for the premise. For some reason Kurt Russell in a movie about him being a ageing super hero with kid problems struck me as pretty funny.

    I asked theSpouse to rent me a bunch of movies to watch over the holidays, but in typical theSpouse fashion he decided it would be easier to just buy me a bunch from my list…. that way they don’t have to be returned don’t ya know.

    Anyhow…. I went into watching this with a bit of dread, thinking what on earth was I going to do with it after I watched it once. Well no worries there, since I have now watched it three times and found something else to laugh about every time.

    The casting was spot on. The kid picked to be Kurt’s son was inspired. I also liked the other ‘Side Kick kids, especially Danielle Panabaker as the best freind yerning to be more. The potential Arch Enemy played by Steven Strait was wonderful Potential Arch Enemy Dude Warren Peace

    After I watched it, I saw a lot of refrences to this being an “incredibles” rip off, but I don’t think it was. Or at least not any more than the “Incredibles” ripped off other movies that had come before it…. (other than the James Bond posing and action scenes which the Incredibles ripped off shamelessly, to good effect mind you, but still shameless. 😀 )

    Harry Knowles from Ain’t it Cool wrote a great review on this movie, most of which I agree with.

    Has anyone else seen this? What did you think?


    Here’s an interesting one to rent (had it at blockbuster) A japanese film called the Spiral. Uzumaki or something in japanese. It’s low budget, but quite fun to watch and definitely odd.

    Townspeople become obsessed with the spiral form– weird happenings and transformations abound. I give it three stars!


    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


    Oh. my. heavens. This movie sucked soooooooooooooooooooo badly.

    The Mr. Rogers voice and cadence was not enough to over come the channeling of other famous mannerisms. Johnny Depp is georgous, and I am told he would be in this movie, but I didn’t see him. 😉 The only two people I liked in the movie were Charlie’s mother and dad.

    The Ompa-lumpa songs didn’t cut it and that scary (bottle) blonde lady from the second Parent Trap was in it. *shudder*

    Away it went. Returned with a rental fee deducted and glad of the oppertunity to rid myself of the darn thing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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