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    There was a trailer for the new H2G2 movie before The Incredibles. Gave no information othber than it’s due out 2005. Basically showed a picture of the earth while playing ‘What a wonderful world’ before the earth blowing up.
    Came as a complete surprise to me.


    Very stylish, yet uniformative site. Granted it is 4 in the morning, but I *should* be able to find out who is acting in this without a note from god.

    So, who *is* acting in it? ’cause if it was listed on that site and the one it linked to I am just flat missing it.


    Here are some other links none of them will be satisfying due to them being the studios’ “official” sites so it’s advertising people put this stuff together, so they usually have no idea what kind of content should be listed…

    If that’s a picture of Marvin I keep seeing in the promos. I’m already skeptical of the film… but I give everything a chance. <- More of a fan site

    It’s a Start…


    Added Quick Rundown

    Martin FreemanArthur Dent
    Mos DefFord Prefect
    Bill NighySlartibartfast
    Sam RockwellZaphod Beeblebrox
    Zooey DeschanelTrillian
    Warwick Davis
    Marvin the Robot
    John MalkovichHumma Kavula <- Biggest name get’s lowest billing

    Film comes out May 6th, 2005

    Douglas’ Family members overseen some of the production and are in as extras.

    That’s all I got for now….

    Inactive so it is still Disney that has the rights.


    I saw a trailer this afternoon. Looks pretty interesting, amazingly enough. The site for this show has been updated and the movie trailer is in it. Opens the end of this month. the guy playing Ford Perfect seems… perfect. 😀

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