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    I hate moving. I lothe everything about it.

    I especially hate moving when the freaking reality agency does not have their act together and you don’t know exactly what day will be the magic day that they have fullfiled all the repair requirements that need done before the property will be accepted.

    Bleh! :p~


    Yep, notcied you’d been away.

    Hope it all gets sorted out soon.



    Right now I am in voice que hell trying to get the electric started. It has been four calls and spoken to 6 people.


    Well I am off to no internet hell, til late thursday or perhaps friday if I am unlucky. Sucks to be me right now.

    See ya all next week end!


    One day you’ll love moving. (when you move out of Texas.)


    😡 Well, the frey, I was going to cough up some homey comforting words about how there are good things about moving– like how you can jettison a lot of stuff you don’t really need. But then I realized that even now, years after my last series of moves, I still catch myself saying “Hey what happened to the -instert missing appliance or household item- bamboo veggie steamer – chinese planter–bookcase–books– we had?”

    Right now I am totally OBSESSED with the office move I am going to have to endure in the middle of classes next semester. The college that I worked for actually hired a group of “moving coordinators” who don’t actually do any packing or moving. They just talk to you about it (for less than an hour). The lady from the moving coordinators explained her job to us by saying that she was like a wedding planner but for moving. (Doesn’t everyone hate wedding planners, or is it just me?) I was DYING to know what these people got paid to explain to us morons in the math department how to open a cardboard box and stick a label on it!!

    I was going to explain why I am worried about it NOW, but really it is too much– the office allocation is like the mad tea party, with people moving in and out of offices, different departments ousting each other, the administration ousting faculty to take the primo offices, all starting now and continuing through the next term.

    I think I will take on the character of the doormouse and try to sleep through it.


    Ah office moving is fun too. 😀 And the office roulett is tons of funs isn’t it?

    I am also going through that. My new job is to recreate my old job and to move the entire operation BACK to it’s old location. Which has been extensively remodeled and had all it’s shelving and fork lift access removed. Bleh! Oh, and spend next to no money doing it. 😛

    But on the bright side, I am almost out of the old house. I only have to move the stuff in the garage tomorrow. Which is a lot of stuff make no mistake…. but it is hard to scratch or damage tools too much, so you don’t have to be as careful.

    Hopefull clearing the garage, a few repairs and a bit of repainting will get me finished with the property.


    Don’t worry, Frey,
    I’ve been there & is very hard work; in fact, some of our stuff got lost during the move here (Cameron Park, CA), so I know what you’re going through. It’s hard, but it may be worth it in the end; & besides, you can put what you want, where you want them.
    **hugs TheFrey**

    Your Friend,
    Jhevz 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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