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    I keep trying to post replies….which takes me ages (you know, trying to think of something to boring…) and then…poof…the post is not posted. So here is my test post (feel free to delete it if it actually makes it to the board!). (and yes I realize the board is having problems)

    So anyway…I am moving from ALberta to B.C. Which I am excited about, just for the convention factor 😉

    Any sadgeezers have advice on Vancouver?


    Good luck on your move. I hope it goes smoothly.


    Anything specific about Vancouver you’re looking for in the way of advice? Cons? As for where to live, it depends on your budget, work, activities you enjoy, and other factors. I like Kitsilano, the West End, False Creek, and the North Shore.

    I currently reside in flat Richmond due to my wife’s work, which is not ideal for me since I love hiking in the mountains, majestic nature, skiing, and seaside parks with lovely cliffs to climb (grew up in West Vancouver, but damned if I could afford a house there).

    Course it means I live close to Timeless Destinations…

    Which part of Alberta are you residing in now? Though I would deeply miss the sea, I considered moving to Calgary at one point. Nice town, and I like the proximity to the Rockies.

    I’m guessing you must have visited here before. What were your favourite parts of the city?

    Irrelevent note: Now I have to work out my itinerary for a (only one week) trip to London and Paris this June, and will solicit people’s advice here at some time on places to stay and places to visit. Will probably take a side-trip to Bath.


    I’m moving from Edmonton to somewhere in the greater van area…due to hubbys work.

    Calgary is very cool..lived there too at one point.


    I guess one of the most important things for parents with young ones is if the place is kid-friendly — relatively safe and with many fun places to take them nearby. I’ve found where I live to be a good place to raise my daughter. Plenty of fun activities (library programs, play parks etc.) Daycare proved difficult for us though.

    It was when my wife found she was pregnant, but decided to continue with work, that we decided we needed a place really close to her work, but with nice parks and walks nearby.

    Commutes can be a real pain here.

    Hope you enjoy your time here greatly. There are many nice places to see and live in around Greater Vancouver. During the summer, especially, this town is fantastic, but mild winters and spring skiing means it’s a pretty great place year round… Erm, but those Spring showers, not to mention the Summer, Winter and Fall ones, can be kinda pesky.

    Best of luck with the move, and the hubby’s new post!


    Thanks! I hope the move goes easily…We are currently looking for a house in Coquitlam or Maple Ridge..maybe.
    I CAN’T believe the house prices.

    I’ll be living in a former crack house by the looks of things 😉


    soo….timeless destinations ehh?

    Any good?


    I really like areas in Maple Ridge and Coquitlam (I’d wanted a place in Coquitlam before getting this place in Richmond).

    House prices are hoorendous. I’m so glad, though, that I finally decided to stop wasting my money renting and buy a place (had resisted for years because I didn’t want to feel tied down — I’d thought we wouldn’t be staying for long in Greter Vancouver — wanted to go back to work in Japan or move to Australia particularly). Anyway, our place has increased in value by a third in the last two years, which isn’t that high compared to many other places. My parents bought a new place 3 years ago which has doubled in value.

    Furthermore, we pay more taxes than Albertans due to your oil revenues. Seems most of our money gets swallowed up by taxes.

    As for Timeless Destinations, I must admit that I haven’t attended it or any other SF conventions. I’ll probably meet up with some fellow SF fans (Lexxians) outside of it — take in the fireworks festival over English Bay.


    Taxes – yeah. I’m not looking foward to paying GST and then PST. Gonna buy any furniture I can before I move! Maybe we can start a fish squishing experiment – you know squish out the oils for revenue (yeah that was stupid I know – up at 4 am with my lovely child). I can’t beleive you haven’t attended ANYTHING – ok, I went and looked at the prices and now I can…

    There are some browncoats out there I might have to meet up with…

    I’ll have to attend something just to make up for the fact that I’m moving from a 1376 sqft house main level…to 1000 on all levels. (that is how house are labled there right? the SQFT is the whole house not just main level?) argghh! Where shall I put my beast wars transformers?!!


    With such conventions, cost is just one factor. For the money there probably are others things I’d rather do.

    Sure there are people with similar tastes I’d like to hang out with (love to meet some sadgeezers), but I’d rather do it elsewhere than in the crowded rooms of a convention site.

    There are also some SF writers I’d love to meet, and really talk to, but that’s probably not going to happen there. Come to think of it, when faced with great minds in real life, I usually say little, and nod my head much anyway.

    The biggest appeal would be the ‘lectures’, and I do go to events every now and then where some well-known figure is on stage (for instance the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu).

    But I do prefer more intimate venues generally when going to meet people. I’ve been very fortunate to meet many fascinating individuals at parties and small venues (I’ll be the guy nodding his head).

    But, since I haven’t gone to such cons, I can’t really say what they’re like. Maybe I’d love them. It would be very different experience for me no doubt, and I try to be open to new things.

    I actually have been to a few conventions, work-related ones, but never to a SF convention.

    Shame about having to a smaller place, and I’m sure it’ll be a difficult adjustment, but well, that’s one of the concessions many of us make to live here. What closet space I have is loaded to the brim. No matter how many space-saving organizers I have, it’s never enough. On second thought, maybe it’s all the organizers my wife buys that is filling the place up. 😉


    or her shoes…

    my hubby complains of his closet “allotment”

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