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    The beginning of this episode had me worried. Did you know that those darn bonnets are more like human blinders? Why on earth would any society in the future put up with those things?

    Did anyone else see moss hanging off the reigns of the horses pulling the wagon? I’m just curious.

    I didn’t take a lot of notice of the beginning. The thoughts of “Oh, tired story line. Good girl must be taught to live for herself… kind of a yawn, everything from M*A*S*H to Red Dwarf has played with that one.”








    And then wow, it did a complete turn around making me sit up and pay more attention. There was more to the story than at first glance. I haven’t had that kind of reaction to a series in awhile.

    I enjoy the further development of the characters. Jayne is a toad…a nicely built toad, but he has attitudes that are not the ordinary “future guy understands all” fair.

    I wonder at Mal. Is he stupid? *chuckle* Sorry, just kidding, but he had a hard time with his hormones blocking his thought process in this one. I have questions about the end, was he playing with Inara or did he really think she kissed Saffron?

    Inara’s reaction to him splayed out on the floor seemed out of character of the cool grace she usually displays. That part was squirmy odd, as in I squirmed because it seemed out of place.

    We got to see more of a relationship for Zoe and Wash. It’s nice to see a married couple portrayed in a non-perfect, realistic, loving manner. Nice to know that even in the future “What’s for dinner.” can still be an issue.

    The peek into Shepard’s character was of interest too. Where did he pick up all this “criminal” knowledge? Did he do missionary work in a “bad” part of space or was he a previous bad boy turned religious? I look forward to more peeks into his past.

    This episode was the “blown away” episode for me. It kept my poor attention span in check and I was rewarded by surprising plot twists and even more surprising character reactions. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Edit: I completely forgot about the overly impressive and wonderful gunshot in space! It was all silent, from the shot, to the cracking of windows to the zooming away of the ship. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Thank god there is finally a show set in space that gets the sound part right. wooo hooo!

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    I loved this epsiode. I wasn’t to worried about recycled plotlines in the beginning though. The shear sarcasm and wit in the first 20 min was good enough for me. As for the plot of teaching a woman to be independent, I was pretty sure that the episode was going to go further then that. Much like how the first 2 min of The Simpsons has nothign to do with the the last 10 min. (At least in recent seasons)

    Yes I also noticed the akward silence in the space scenes. While I don’t miss the lame sound effects, some background music (even the bad country stuff) would be nice. Of course it is sometimes heard in the transitional space scenes. IMHO the chilling dead quiet of the space shots adds to the realism of the great void. And the silence is also also a great way to add suspense to a shot/scene.


    I agree this episode had a lot to recommend it. I think they’re being overly coy about the sexual longings between Mal and Inara, though. That can get to be pretty annoying after a while; you get to the point where you want to say, “just shag each other and get it over with already!”

    The silent shot in space was actually very impressive. Sometimes sound or music can make a point (what would Star Wars be without sounds-in-space and music?). But when an explosion in space is done well — as this one was — the silence just underscores the shock, and makes a point of its own. I hope that made sense.

    I did find myself wishing that Mal would sound a little less Buffyish, though. I can’t remember the exact line, but I remember when he said it, I could almost hear Sarah Michelle Gellar’s voice.

    Oh, and YES, the “country bonnets” at the beginning just about made me turn the TV off (I’m glad I didn’t). I also hated the opening dialogue. OK, using primitive technology to tame new planets makes a kind of sense, but where in the universe will anybody EVER AGAIN talk in an exaggerated Southern accent and say something like: “It ain’t yor’n”???? Joss, Joss, Joss, PLEASE, don’t ever do that again!

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    Despite the increasing faith in the show, Firefly’s fanbase appears to be eroding – a sad day for SF on television.
    I can’t see the show getting another season, and I hope Fox will at least let it complete its run. Even sadder, of course, is that the ‘failure’ of such a high profile show is not going to raise confidence in the SF genre per se, especially of the ‘distinctive’ kind. More generic crap, then, ‘thriving’ in syndication.

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    All I can think of saying to ratings anymore is… I could give a rats ass. Pardon me for the rash language but I’m sick of them. It seems to me that channels manipulate and use them to their hearts content. If they want a show to be a success, they will say “The ratings don’t reflect the feel we have for the fans that appreciate and watch the show. We will continue to support and back it while quality stays high.”

    Or if they are sick of the writers, producers or whatever…. “The ratings just weren’t there. What can we say, no one was watching it.”

    They do what they want to do, they say what they want to say.

    As viewers, I think it’s our job to start letting them know what we truly like and don’t.

    *sick to death of reality series, bubblehead comedies, cop and hospital dramas*



    Praxilla: *sick to death of reality series, bubblehead comedies, cop and hospital dramas*

    I feel your pain. Not that I watch any of that, but just knowing it’s there scares me
    I can make up an explanation for bonnets. Book checked out info about that planet (in his copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I presume) and it seemed to support Safron’s story, so I guess most of what she said about the planet was close to truth. If that’s the case, women on that planet might be oppressed mormon style, hense the human blinders. Maybe the planet was colonised by a mormon community. Not that I know anything about mormons except what I read in Conan-Doyle’s books, mind you. But, you know, I try my best to make sense where it’s lacking.
    What I can’t explain, though, is the bleeding accent! It’s like only some parts of Texas made it into space “after the Earth was used up”. Or, and that one limey from the “Train Job”.
    As for Mal-Inara thing, at least there is a plot device to keep UST going. I mean, she’s a Companion. She’s supposed to sell it, not give it away, and they both know it.
    I think he overestimates her professional ethics and really thinks she would not even consider kissing anybody whose bank account does not have “an aura”. Unless she was being seduced by the master, that is.
    Would be funny if they do get together – how will she juggle her personal life and career?

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