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    i’ve had such fun today!!
    after finally getting sick and tired of waiting for the other half to start on the re-decorating the other day (i’ve only been waiting for 6 years), whilst he was away because of work, i started ripping wallpaper off the walls (subtle hint for when he came back). well apart from saying very little when he finally saw what i’d started doing, he sat back and let me finish the job today- took me ages!! i would have hoped he’d feel at least some twinge of guilt and offer to help me- but no, he spent most of the day asleep in a chair. didn’t even make me a bloody cuppa!!! and then he says helpful things like-
    ” i don’t know what you’re doing that for”
    ” haven’t you finished yet?”
    ” you missed a bit”
    ” paint over the top of the old paintwork” doing that over the millions of layers that are already there is going to make it look any better…
    what a jerk!! grrrrr… right, i’m going to have some cheese on toast now. sod the bad dreams. if noboby else starts up that thread about dreams again, i will tomorrow to tell everyone about my dreams of being chased by the cheese monster through Cadburyland, whist having to listen to Bucks Fizz records!!

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    The signs are all there Snooklepie!!!



    dad’s offered to let me borrow his sander to at least sand down the paintwork, though i won’t be able to do this until the weeekend. i can bet if i start attacking the paintwork this way, he’ll come up with something bright like ‘what are you doing?’- like it wasn’t obvious!!!
    …and if i threatened to get somebody in to do the job, he’d let me do it, and pay for it!!!….anybody up for a decorating job? there’s free booze in it…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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