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    Hi Fellow Lexxians,
    I had tons of fun last weekend, dispite my allergies due to the hotel’s air conditioning; I’ll be writing a more descritive document as soon as I get a change, so I’ve decided to tell you people a brief description of the fun I had, then I’ll be posting another 1, telling you about how it all started.
    I flew down Thursday, 2/13 & a friend picked me up, so we could spend some time together before the convention started.
    On Friday, 2/14, he drove me to the Airtel Plaza Hotel, checked in, got our badges & ate some lunch; I had trouble with my tendenitous, took my pill & dressed as the 5th Dr. Before lunch, I signed up for the Masquerade; & even though I didn’t win, I had tons of fun showing off as the 5th Dr. The panels that I went to that day were: The Future of Doctor Who Publishing, Guests of Honor Roundtable, 40 Yrs of Dr. Who Part 1, & some of Opening Ceremonies. I also went to the dance that evening & danced till 2:22am.
    After breakfast on Saturday, 2/15, dressed as the 6th Dr, I went to the following panels: Media Costuming, The JN-T Yrs, Colin Baker & Peter Davison, Linda Harrison, Big Finish Productions & Remembering John Nathan-Turner. I also went to 2 nightly activities dressed in a black sweater & pants; they are: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Cabaret: Mark XIV & the dance; which I didn’t stop till about 2:22am.
    After breakfast on Sunday, 2/16, dressed as Romana I, I went to the following panels: BBC Grab-Bag, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, BBV Presentation & BBCi Presentation: Reel Time. I also went to the dance that evening after I talked & spent time with Eric L. Hoffman, David McIntee & his wife & a couple of other people. I didn’t stop dancing till about 2:22am.
    After breakfast on the last day of the con, 2/17, dressed as The Rani, I went to the following panels: Those Lovable Villians, Gallifrey PHOTO STUDIO with Peter Davison & Colin Baker, 40 Yrs of Dr. Who Part 2 & Closing Ceremonies. Afterwards, I went up to pack, before going down to have dinner; then I finished packing, took a shower & went to bed.
    2/18, I got dressed, made sure my flight was on time & went down for breakfast; afterwards, I called for a shuttle to take me to Burbank Airport, checked out of the hotel & waited for the shuttle. After I got to the airport, checked in my 3 pieces of luggage & went through Security ok, I went to the Sacramento Gate to wait for the plane. I waited for 1 in a half hrs for the plane to arrive, due to mechanical problems with the Captain’s chair. I arrived in Sac Airport, met my parents downstairs, picked up my luggage & went home.
    I had a great time & will write a more descriptive 1 later on; Gally’s hopefully gonna get Sylvester McCoy for next yr’s Gally guest.
    Take care & have a great Winter.

    Lexxians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    Sounds like you had a great time, dancing till after 2 every night! 😀

    I don’t know how you made it to the morning panels.



    It was easy; I woke up at 7:25 every morning, washed up, had a big breakfast & small dinner, went to the panels I wanted to, went to the Con Suite for a drink to take my pill with & danced till 2:22 that next morning. The only time I woke up earlier, was the day I left, when I woke up at 6:25am.
    I’ll tell everyone the story of my life 1 day, when I’m all settled & back to a normal routine, which I’m almost into.
    I’m glad you liked my report & as soon as I write the full version, I’ll let you know.
    Take care & have a great Winter.

    Lexxian to Lexxian,
    Jhevz 😉 🙂


    Up at 7 a.m. in bed at 2 a.m.? Good heavens you must have been tired. I am glad you had a good time. Even though I am not a Dr. Who fan, the panels sound interesting.


    You would’ve had a good time there; even if you’re not into Dr. Who, there were guests from B-5, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, V, among many others, some even come just for 1 day.
    May be next y,r we can have a Lexx presence.
    Take care & have a great March.

    Lexxian to Lexxian,
    Jhevz 😉

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