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    (I wanted to wait to get permission from the Frey to play with this, but I’m too excited and I don’t think she’ll mind! So, with many apologies to the Frey for taking this idea for the moment….)

    The First and Only Prisoner Caption Quasi-contest!

    This is Patrick McGoohan in a piped jacket at a carnival shooting booth with Leslie Nielsen. Can it get any better than that?! 😆

    Winner recieves 2400 credit units. With those and a dollar you provide you can get a dollar’s worth of quarters at your local change machine! (Or about $1.61 pounds sterling at the moment…)

    Any thoughts as to the conversation they’re having?

    <“Airplane” pun bait>
    Surely someone can come up with a whole script for this, not just a caption.
    </ “Airplane” pun bait> 😉



    No. 6 (aiming at No. 2): “For the last time, whose side are you on?”

    No. 2: “The wrong side, of the barrel that is, apparently.”

    (A most threatening No. 6 tightens his grip on the trigger)

    No. 2: “All right! I’ll tell you every…”

    Lt. Frank Drebin: “Shoot, these fri… (loud bang) Ah, I mean shoot as in damn, these fried shrimp are too salty; trade you for your hamburger.”


    My Turn:


    Number Six: “Oh Leslie – your such a bore…..

    Leslie: How so?

    Number Six: Everyone always aims at the bouncing clown heads…..but I prefer to aim at the attendant in the booth – Gets me a stuffed animal every time…..


    P.S. Hope that was not the actual text in the show… memory fails me….. – Maurice.


    “Ha, ha, ha, my gun is bigger than yours!” 😉

    Okay, the gun doesn’t really show up that well, but it is a big gun.

    Pet, I was wondering where your pic comes from. I know that McGooohan and Nielsen were in a Columbo episode together… ❓

    Here’s another caption:

    No. 6: Where am I, what do you want, whose side are you on, who are you, who is Number One?!

    Lt. Drebin: You idiot! First detective rule: It’s shoot first, ask questions later.


    That is a mighty big gun….! 😀

    It’s from the Columbo episode “Identity Crisis”. McGoohan and Neilsen play secret agents, and when Neilsen (“Geronimo”) winds up dead, Columbo suspects McGoohan (“Colorado”).

    I believe there are 4 “Be Seeing You”‘s in it, but I haven’t really counted…. McGoohan directed it and Falk is a Prisoner fan, so there are more bits and pieces in it that are kind of funny. (Not as funny as this picture of No 6 with Frank Drebbin).

    Did find out there’s a real Mrs. Columbo, as someone else witnesses a conversation between Columbo and his wife, so that mystery is solved… 😉

    (His performance in “By Dawn’s Early Light” was much better, BTW… that’s the one he won an Emmy for, not this one.)



    Drebin to No. 6:
    “Listen… whatever you said your name was…. you’ve got to stop taking things so SERIOUSLY. You realize this is only a game and you’re firing BLANKS. Um, that’s not to say I’m casting aspersions on your manhood … It’s not like a know you that well….


    😆 (snicker) 😆


    “So that’s where minute steaks come from!”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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