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    A Couple of questions posted to the FAQ section:

    There was an old T.V. series that started with eerie violins, and lines that criss-crossed the screen. What was it called? Also, I think one of the episodes on that show was about a pair of glasses, that when you put them on, you saw and heard the truth. One guy looked in the mirror near the end and either died or went insane. On the glasses was written the word “veritas”. I don’t think it was Outer Limits, but I’d sure like to find out about this! Thanks!

    They both sound like Outer limits or Twilight Zone to me…

    Does anyone know the name of the old TV series that began with vertical and horizontal lines that criss-crossed the screen, 2 by 2? It may have been black and white, and it ran 1 hour long. It may have been a Twilight Zone copy-cat. o­ne episode, I think from that series (I don’t think it was from Outer Limits), was about some antique glasses — when you put them o­n, you saw and heard the real truth about the people you were looking at, like reading their thoughts, or seeing what kind of people they really were. It had a very freaky ending where a guy put them o­n and looked in the mirror… I just can’t think of the name of the series! 🙁

    Anyone remember the series/episodes?


    *bounce bounce bounce swish*

    Boris Karloff’s Thriller.

    That ep is “The Cheaters”, I think. 😀

    EDIT: Overview here!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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