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    I was relatively impressed!  The charaters we4re believable and the main character was interesting and full of surprises.  For a mild sci fi distraction, this is pretty good.

     What did you think?


    So far it is interesting, if a bit slow ,but that’s okay ’cause the guy is cute; kind of an Ewan McGregor look. about him (which the directors know and really play on). In the crime/mystery/drama area its solid. As all "hand of God" plots, I find the premise a bit of a plot hole: He saves a native girl from being killed by a sword and she in turn puts this curse/blessing on him that he will not die or age until he finds his one true love…..well, if you can do that (and perhaps other spells) then why the heck do your people have to be saved from an attack anyways? "Sir, we keep killing them and they just keep getting back up!…well, except for those happily married ones over there..They bit it"

    Well enough rambling from me, anyone else 😛 ??

    Those of you who were a fan of ROME will enjoy seeing Zuleikha Robinson in the upcoming eps.




    Haha, yep, that plot whole was a cracker!  Cant dissagree with any of what you said (except the cuteness of the lead geezer – though even there, Newkate agrees with you).

    Yep, I was a big fan of Rome (main reason I’m watching Journeyman), so I’m looking forward to the new eps of New Amsterdam.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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