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    A fair while ago now, I had to become familiar with a few bits of software and decided to compile a list of B5 ships on the net as it seemed a good way to learn them (very bad idea). I did, displayed it here, listened to the comments and have only now got round to fixing it.

    So, it contains 101 animated cannon ships, plus some info and photos.

    You’ll need to be running Internet Explorer 5.5 and above to view it, have Flash installed, and a Broad Band connection would be more than slightly useful.

    I think it is the biggest listing of CANNON ships on the net (Celestia for instance has more with the concept art), so if anyone else knows otherwise, please let me know.

    Also, any comments or suggestions would be gratefully received.



    Okay, ready?

    The layout was interesting enough. But at first I was at a loss on how to actually view the ships. I almost left the page after reading the verbiage under the availability heading.

    The archive button should be renamed something like View or better View Ships. Then the transition to that page needs to be speeded up. Really. They had this same problem in the first Star Trek movies. They spent so much money on the model of the Enterprise and filming the space scenes that the tendency was to linger, really linger. Thus you were watching the approach of the ship long after the initial WOW factor had faded. Not good.

    The ships themselves are great, you should stick a few in a download section if your bandwidth can accommodate it. You said some are crap, fine not those ones then. 😀

    Lastly, what the heck are those little dots on the bottom right of the page for? You click on them and get a static picture of a ship, but not the ship you were looking at. A little explanation please.

    Over all an interesting page for your basic ship freaks. I forwarded the link to theBrother who is interested in ships. His favorite site is Jeff Russel’s Star Ship dimensions


    Take your point about changing the “archive” button, you’re the first to mention it, but like many who spend time on something, I forgot it might not be so obvious to others <slaps wrist>.

    The transition from the front screen to the archive (ship) screen should only take around 5 seconds with a mention of Tim Choate (Zathras) in the middle of it – if your not seeing that let me know. Now this is interesting because you’re the second person to mention this timing thing. I’m starting to wonder if it being screwed up a bit somewhere in different browser versions.

    Can’t do downloads, I’m not hosting it, those that are, won’t do it.

    The little green buttons on the bottom left are there to display images and (deliberately very basic) plans of the ships. That’s why their marked Plans and Images. Your saying that the images don’t match the ship model being displayed. Now that is interesting. Between the various forums I’ve had this on, I’ve had around 70 responses so far and this is a first. Can you be more specific, i.e. what is the model being displayed, and what ship images or plans are coming up.

    The other thing is, in case your wondering, this is only the ship page of a larger B5 “fan” site, the other pages haven’t been “updated” but are still there in the original format, and include an episode guide with around 1,000 images and a “race” page, all pretty basic but part of the original “package”.

    The “merzo” site you mentioned is something I found a while back, an interestingly detailed, but (I suspect) ultimately flawed approach as it works on the assumption that the size of the ships is set and never changes. Which is fine if “official” detailed figures are released, but doesn’t works so well when the dimensions are based on comparative observations. Not only because it’s rough, but ship sizes in many shows, including B5 can change from scene to scene………….…. Quite a bit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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