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    I saw a really nice hard cover edition of all the Hitchhikers books and just had to buy it. Maybe the spirit of Douglass Adams was compelling me. Now I find that its to bad he died because I would have loved to meet him. I’m only onchapter nine of the first book but so far its great. I love how the entry into the book for earth is “Mostly Harmless” any way as I read further on I’ll post here.


    “Your wrong this is one hell of a planet!”
    -ATF agent in “Texx Lexx”


    I got LPs of the radio series for 50p each a week or two before he died. Not listened to then, the record player I have is so old it’d probably ruin then.


    Its nice to see that DA is new to someone. I have been into him for Years and have as much stuff of his as I can find. The BBC radio show is on tape so you might try to find it that way Cat. I dont have the LPs but knew someone when I live in Texas who did.I also have 3 books signed by DA. He came to Dallas on a book signing tour and I was almost tounge tied when it was my turn. His assistant said that he would only sign his name but I asked if he could write happy birthday to my boyfriend( the book was a present to him). DA looked me right in the eyes said he could only write his name and then wrote HB-day and signed his name. How cool was that!!!! Always remember where your towel is and keep banging those rocks together!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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