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    This was incorrectly posted in the News section by tolworthy …

    I thought you might be interested in an upcoming sci-fi game I’m developing. It’s based on life’s biggest questions and takes place across alien worlds, underworlds, other dimensions, time travel and more.

    Home page:
    The sci-fi context:
    (and note the links on that page)

    Please don’t be put off by the name, “Les Miserables.” The game world will host adaptations of classic novels and legends, linked by a sci fi sub plot. A new story will be added every six months or year, and the first story is based on Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, hence the name. I could have called it “Lost souls” or “Infinity” but Les Mis has more name recognition. Other books will include Gilgamesh, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and classic early sci-fi. A dimension-hopping sub-plot links the stories together. Think of Scott Bacula’s “Quantum Leap” but with a bigger universe and bigger back story.

    The game is unique in several ways. It’s the first game to deal with serious adult topics. I don’t mean sex and violence, I mean religion and philosophy, alternative societies and the meaning or life. It’s the world’s biggest adventure game (i.e. bigger than any other 2D point and click game). And it’s a new model for releasing games: each release will include all previous versions in the same game world, so it gets bigger and richer forever. Users explore the BIG questions, the origin of the universe, the end of the world, gods and higher gods, metaphysical questions and more.

    The selling point is mind expanding scale: the biggest game, the biggest game world, the biggest concepts. But it should also be a lot of fun, in an ironic Python or Pratchett way. Compared with shoot ’em ups and action games, the game is light hearted and breezy.

    Anyway, enough talk! I’ve been working on this since 2000, it will be released in December 2007. Sci-fi fans might be interested.

    thanks for reading!

    Chris Tolworthy

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