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    “Hollywood Reporter” has said that Spyglass Entertainment Group has confirmed that it will film a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie with Buena Vista. Jay Roach will direct, and Douglas Adams will write the screenplay.

    This was also on the SFX network:


    HHGTTG director confirms he wants Carrey for Zaphod

    Jay Roach, director of the mooted Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, has told fans of the movie it will be a genuine effort from the pen of Douglas Adams.

    Roach, speaking to Popcorn, put fans minds at rest that the production would lose Adams’ unique British humour, saying: “He’s doing the adaptation himself and producing the film too. So it’ll be a Douglas Adams authentic production.”

    He also admitted he was keen to land Jim Carrey as two-headed alien playboy Zaphod Beeblebrox, while Adams was keen to see Hugh Lawrie as last man alive Arthur Dent.

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    Hell yeah!
    The old movie, if anyone’s seen it, captured the essence of the Hitchhikerness but cut a lot of parts out…maybe this one will stay more true to the plot…plus I think the old one was made in the 60s…the special effects are enough to give you a heart attack.

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    1981, a tad after the 60s. I personally don’t think it needs remaking. A digitally-remastered special edition at most.

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