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    Here’s a mp3 link that i found, it contains all your favourite Hitchhiker clips against a floyd soundtrack.

    Enjoy 😈


    The file is hosted by RapidShare which has a free service and a paid service.

    Free service {limited downloads}

    paid service {unlimited downloads}

    A quick walkthrough for anyone who has not downloaded free files from rapidshare before.

    1, Click on link

    2, A new window opens [scroll down to bottom right hand side & click box marked FREE]

    3, A new page opens. You will see a timer that counts down approx 30 seconds.

    4, When timer has finished a 4 digit code will appear.

    5, Enter this 4 digit code & click download.

    Please note you do NOT need to register or sign up to anything. 🙄


    Pretty elaborate system. 😀

    If the copyright has been cleared, then is also a good place to dump stuff on.


    I’ll warn anyone who uses dial-up or has any kind of slow connection that you’ll get error messages using rapidshare. It can be very frustrating, but does work eventually.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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