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    Participant Good news, two new raffles Xenia and Pet’s Yo-Way-Doh have been added at the price of one!!! A great deal that you do not want to miss. 😀

    As you may know, Dragon Con can be a bit difficult to get into as a guest. They rarely offer any freebies or assistance to most of the guests. 😥 This is unfortunately not new news. Which is why we wanted to do this raffle, we would like to help bring our Lexx Stars to Dragon Con. They want to be there, we want them to be there! It is a major, major con, and would hopefully help Lexx become a bit more known on the con circuit. Not to mention it would expose our great Lexx Cast to tens of thousands of new potential fans!

    Since Dragon Con only perks a very few stars, travel expenses and table costs can really add up. So I have talked with the lovely Trini and we have decided to donate the first two raffle proceeds to defraying the costs of the Lexx Stars doing Dragon Con. This was one of the things that I couldn’t mention earlier that might need subsidized. 😀 So please help out by buying a few raffle chances and support Lexx at Dragon Con!

    Oh yes, and I have now heard from several people that Xenia will be at Dragon Con selling her CD. So she should be showing up on the guest list soon. 🙂

    I do not know this for a fact, but I suspect that most of the guests there are merchandising or selling autographs and buying table space from the con. This is not totally unheard of since like most buisnesses, the con people are in this to make money, and I imagine that many costs must be quite steep. (security and insurance must be scary) 🙂

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