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    The site has had a lot of problems lately (last couple of years). It’s grown from a couple of hundred page views per day to an average of over 20,000.

    Also the content has grown exponentially with some superb reviews by some excellent SadGeezers and Lady SadGeezers.

    The trouble is, that with this being one of the largest sci fi sites, it’s so very hard to find stuff!

    Did you know that we have:

    5,670 members
    17 Sci Fi Series SadGeezer Guides (web sites – Sections)
    39,430 Messages in the SadBOARD
    755 Episode Reviews
    3,953 Pictures to download
    7446 Links in the directory (SadHOO)
    345 News items
    78 User Choices (books & DVDs in the Sci Fi User Choice section)
    We even have 13 Purity Tests!
    Convention write-ups, Character bio’s, Culture reviews etc.
    Plus lots of comments, quotes and even Sci Fi video podcasts.

    The current content management system can’t really handle it very well and we’re moving over to the Drupal CMS (node based content management system).

    The new site is currently being developed and I’m writing scripts to port accross the existing database content from this site. The Theme will be similar or the same. The default theme will be re-vamped by the designer who did this and the previous ones, but you will also be able to select this and others as your own personal one (in the same way you can select SG-Main and SG-Lite themes now).

    The search facility will be very powerful indeed and we’ll be adding functionality (eg adding pictures to your posts etc.) and your own SadGeezer.Com blog, but we will simplyfy the way the site is navigated.

    It’s quite a way off yet (months), but I just wanted to give you guys the heads up and ask if there was anything that you would like to see added. A module perhaps, certain functionality maybe.

    TheFrey: Yes there is a spell checker 🙂

    It’s going to be special! This year is the tenth aniversary of the SadGeezers Guide so I guess it needs to be!


    TheFrey: Yes there is a spell checker

    Gosh, out of 5,670 members i’m the only one to get my very own mention. 😉 I don’t know if I am being honored, or diss’ed as a world class nag. 😀

    Ah well, since nagging is what I do for a living, I guess I can live with either. 😆

    But the hard work? Poor poor Saddy! ❗


    So we’re getting an up grade. How sad is that!!! 😛

    Look forward to it. As long as it doesn’t lose this purpleness. I’m all for it!

    mandara k

    OOh yeah, something new, and I agree, LOOVE love love purple and green.

    For 5000 people they’re not too chatty are they?

    I hate talking to myself, Really i do. SO I’m dissing BSG, it will be okay. WE have to talk about various and sundry sci-fi topics.

    So tell us well in advance so i can get some boxes for the move :wink

    And tell me it isn’t true! I get my own blog, Saddy…. I could…. I could….. kiss you!

    OOkay, may be not, but thank you if you do this. I have a blog but time restricts entries so to post and blog in one place would rock and roll. I think timing is big with me, that’s why Heros interests me but i just don’t have time for another show,

    I have gotten LOST and I’ll lightly watch BSG for what i hope will be a better season then last.



    All registered members will have their own blog

    I’m also looking at flikr links and other functionality things.

    The troiuble is that lots of functionality makes the site too complicated, so I’ll try and simplify stuff and yet make it easy to use with better opportunities for you guys to do your own stuff.


    easier to use, easier for lexxrobotech. Thats a win win.


    This is a test to see if users (that aren’t moderators) can post comments.


    Cool, Sad,
    I can’t wait & I think I might like the new look; & Blogging too, well aren’t we becoming an upscale site. Take your time & hope it works out for you; also, I’ll try to come here more often.

    3 Cheers for Sadgeezer,
    Jhevz 😉

    mandara k

    This is a test to see if users (that aren’t moderators) can post comments.

    Um, are your fingers broken? Then they can type.

    I prefer quieter BB’s to be honest, you don’t have the constant scroll of threads you’ve already seen a hundred times with the same info, and stickies that shouldn’t be stuck ’cause they are not saying anything interesting except touting their own myopic vision of their world to others just like them.

    It’s like a garden party with royalty when no one dares say anything slightly off color for fear of not conforming to some hoity-toity snobs view of how it should be.

    I’d push him/her in the pool.

    We can sit here in OUR pub and actually talk about a variety of topics without having to stroke each other, well not much 😈 😛

    The beauty of having this many mods is that they can be relied on to keep the bb up and running, to answer questions, and keep it cretin free, or at least tolerant of the few of us here; 😉 but have no doubt!!!! They will let us know if we step out of line, but in a discreet way like a PM.

    Professional, that’s an inherent trait of Sadgeezers,

    and we can put away a lot of alcky 😛

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