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    Nick -Z.

    I’m running into some real technical problems here.

    I dunno why, but I keep getting knocked out of the forum at random when i try to post a reply and when i finally managed to do it, there were 2 identical replies instead of 1, and so i tried to delete the last copy of the reply I made and the entire topic was deleted.

    Little technical problems with forum posting have been screwing with me in more than one forum lately. I’m beinning to think some stinking hacker is screwing with my online activities just for a few sadistic laughs.

    Yeah, I’m paranoid about these things. I’m not stupid, I have been follwoing all the rules and I’m no amatuer. But I spose its possible there may be technical details I’m not aware of.

    I tried to post for help in the help topics and it rejected me. Dunno why, so i figured making a post here would be okay.

    Little help please.


    Great site! I like the cartoon clips but would really like to here some dialogue or see text captions to see what is happening.

    I really like your Mr Ben approach to cartoons (Mr Ben was a Brit childrens cartoon series in the 70’s and 80’s which was VERY cool) – Your character and avatar looks like Mr Ben in a space helmet 😀

    Can’t wait to see how the series develops. We like original Sci Fi at

    About the hassles you’ve had here – yep, we sometimes get server problems – if the server is too busy after you enter a message, it sometimes ‘times-out’ just after the database has been updated and before the message is displayed. When you press refresh, it updates the database again and you are then faced with a duplicate message. You should be really careful to make sure you are deleting the duplicated message and not the first message of the thread – If you delete the first message of the thread you will delete the whole thread.

    This server hassle is, of course, a real pain in the ass and a few of us have had bitter experiences like yours. All I can say is that we are looking at a new service provider that can handle the traffic.

    Nick -Z.

    Not much action here, but this is the co-pilot Querzo, just before stepping outside on a deep space planetoid.

    Nick -Z.

    Can’t wait to see how the series develops. We like original Sci Fi at

    Thanx for the enthusiastic support. Yeah, I’ve been a big sci-fi fan all my life and up until last year when i lost cable-tv, i had been up to date on most of it.

    I was really getting into Lexx on the sci-fi channel when they suddenly decided to flip us poor fools off by changing the format so that the sci-fi channel would only be available to customers paying $35 to $40 per month for a larger package deal.

    After that, i couldn’t pay for the larger package and so all I got was mostly garbage and reruns. The only sci-fi i could watch for the last 2 years was Enterprise and that’s okay but it ain’t Lexx by a long shot. After that ended, there was no sci-fi on at all so I quit it. Friggin waste of money. I put it into a better ISP but my life has been seriouslly lacking sci-fi since.

    I hope my character isn’t too like Mr. Ben. I’ve never seen Mr. Ben so I don’t know about it. After all the work I’ve done, i sure don’t need any conflicts with copyright BS. My character is original. I created him in the late 80s in a sci-fi novel that I published in small press. There is no friggin way that my Querzo character is a copy of Mr. Ben.

    Nick -Z.

    Sorry, duplicate posts. 🙄

    Nick -Z.

    I just got a new website that is devoted entirely to sci-fi stories and it includes a section that covers “The Lost Planet” series as it is developing, with more preview video clips. I just added a third preview video-clip with new scenes from the most recent work and plan on adding a fourth sometime later this year. There is also a gallery with original art and still-frames taken from the animation.

    This is the address:

    This is the url to the page with the video-clips:

    This is the gallery:

    Don’t be too disappointed, I’d like to be able to say I’m getting some help with this project, but the simple truth is, for now I’m doing all the work on my own.


    I don’t know much about animation but the writing is pretty interesting. I’m really looking forward to read some more as soon as I have a bit more time. Thanks for the links Nick!

    Nick -Z.

    Good to hear someone interested in my work, alnexi.

    I hope you enjoy iit.

    Btw, the site has a long way to go in development, so don’t be too surprised if you run into some blank pages. I wanted to get my animation linked online asap and including it in a website with original sci-fi and a gallery of pictures seemed like the best way to go. But word-processing, editing, and developing web-pages is a time-consuming process, so I figured I’d just do a little every month.

    Of course, I made sure there was enough to begin with, so there is plenty to read for now.


    “Batheopath” …? Cool!! So, where is Chapter 11 for lpnet1? Is it hiding somewhere on the site?

    Nick -Z.

    I’ll be sure to include it in the next update, which is due before Xmas.

    Good to know you’re enjoying it. Thanks for the appreciation.


    I read the Master Projector, which really is quite fascinating – thanks to Zeto, not the obnoxious Victor whom I disliked very much for some reason. I think Zeto should have his own book. I mean the story could be a book if you could ever bear to deal with it again, in depth, in length, and with more patience. There are people out there who published books with one-tenth of the ideas you have (and I don’t mean necessarily only the sci-fi action-plot-explanation). Eh – sorry, this is really not to voice any opinions, just to let you know that we, the readers, are reading! Even during this weird time of the year.

    Nick -Z.

    Opinions are fine, Alnexi. As an extremely obscure and unknown author I appreciate the feedback. I even welcome constructive criticism.

    Good to hear you enjoyed “The Master Projector”, Alnexi. Yeah, Zeto was the good guy. I have included some background info on the story in the short-story section page.

    Believe it or not, most of Zeto’s experiences were fact-based. It was Victor’s viewpoint that was entirely fictional speculation. I’m still wondering exactly what happened in LA at that time, I suspect it was some kind of major holiday or possibly an evacuation due to a state of emergency. Truth is, i still do not know, to this day. It was an unforgettable experience.

    Alright, since you have acknowledged your interest in the site, I’ll let you in on a few helpful points.

    1) I generally make updates no more than twice a month. When this occurs, it will be noted on the “updates” page which can be reached through the link: http://ts-variant/Base-Zero/updates-1106.html

    2) Every chapter to a novel or story has a link in the left or right columns, however, if a chapter is more than one page long the extra pages can only be linked at the bottom of the pages, where it reads [next]. So in many cases, usually with the novels (and some novellas also), the best way to navigate to the next page is to go through the [next] link at the bottom of each page.

    As for the Lost Planet, I made a slight error during the last update when I neglected to include the last page of chapter 13, “Contact with Mars”. That page will be included in the next update. To reach it, you’ll have to go through the [next] links at the bottom of chapter 13.

    I’ll be updating it again sometime this weekend.

    Nick -Z.

    Yes, I always look at the “update” link! It is very generous of you to post your work like that, thank you.

    Nick -Z.

    I think Zeto should have his own book.

    I started writing a book about Zeto’s homeless adventures in Southern California back in the 90s but I became more involved in my sci-fi series and set it aside. The crude script is in one of my notebooks somewhere if i ever find the time to dig it out, but the fact is, there doesn’t appear to be any practical value to writing books these days (no money in it) and I have to devote most of my time to more practical work.

    There’s no money in original writing these days, unless one is a popular, professional author or journalist (or simply famous). That is why I have no problem sharing my fiction for free online and that is also why I spend most of my time with animation now (more money in it). The site is mainly for the eventual sale of my animation videos. The science-fiction is a good way to provide background and body to the site.

    As a 40+ fan of science fiction, managing my own site has been a privilege. It’s good to know some people actually appreciate it.

    Nick -Z.

    Well, it’s taken long enough, but I finally completed the first
    episode of the Lost Planet. Unfortunately, I’m losing my apartment at
    the end of July and will join the homeless crowd, so I don’t know if
    I’ll ever get back to it.


    Anyho, since Sadgeezer
    originally expressed so much interest in this project, I decided the
    least i could do is share the most recent preview video, which includes
    a musical soundtrack and a narrative.


    For anyone
    interested in checking it out, do the "right-click and save target" to
    download the preview on the link labeled "Lpnet-clip-106"

    at the
    bottom of this link-page. This stuff ain’t Pixar by a long-shot, but
    it’s the best I can do with the resources at my disposal.


    Btw, removing the paste function from the comment box kinda sux, guys.

    Nick -Z.

    I finally completed the ‘pilot episode’ of the series and decided
    the least I could do is share the most recent preview with the
    sadgeezer forum, since sadgeezer originally expressed much interest in

    The most recent preview is the best, as it also includes a
    soundtrack with a narrative, and was taken directly from minutes of the
    complete video. I realize this stuff is crude compared to the high
    standards set by the likes of Pixar, Final Fantasy, and Tripping the
    Rift, but its the best I could do with the software within my access. I
    plan on upgrading eventually, but since I started with crude software,
    I really had no choice but to complete it with crude software
    (otherwise I’d have to redo everything and it would take another 2

    Here’s the link to the page with the preview videos, in
    case anyone is interested. To download the most recent preview (and the
    best), go to the bottom of this page, right-click and save target on
    the link "Lpnet-clip-106".

    I’ll be losing my apartment at the end of July and heading out to join
    the homeless crowd, so I won’t be able to continue working on this
    project until I find another place to plug in the com, and that may be
    for some time.

    Anyho, feedback is welcome.

    Nick -Z.

    Previous links no longer available


    best new anime space series

    mobile suit gundam 00, toward the terra, macross frontier

    more shows on my site:

    sci-fi anime website

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