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    Nick -Z.

    Masters of Science Fiction

    Originally on: ABC (60 min.)
    Status: New Series Premiered: January 1, 2007
    Show Category: Science-Fiction
    Masters of Science Fiction will feature works from some of the brightest authors of science fiction, from Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein and HG Wells.;title;84

    — I was checking out the list of science fiction shows at when i came across this new one for the first time. Haven’t heard anything about it elsewhere. Sounds like a good idea and I’m glad it is set to air on ABC, which is one of the few channels I get without cable. Dunno if it will air in my locality yet, but dunno why it wouldn’t, unless some local idiots decide against it.

    Looks like it has potential. Anyone have anything on it aside from the basic facts posted at this site?

    Here’s a link to the sci-fi section of;more

    mandara k

    I agree, there is a huge wealth of sci-fi already written, like an orchard ready to be plucked, it just needs something like this to bring it into view.

    I means these are greats; I’d tune in.

    Nick -Z.

    I agree, there is a huge wealth of sci-fi already written

    So much, in fact, that one would expect a series like this to become one of the longest running series of its kind. I would expect it to run for at least 3 or 4 seasons, but of course, that depends upon the viewer response and the budget.

    I located a couple of more articles about it for more info.

    ABC Orders Masters Of SF

    ABC Greenlights Masters of Science Fiction

    mandara k

    Well, mainstream viewers are hard to pin down, you say sci-fi, they think bespeckled little men with pencil holders or sci-costumed fans from con whom they sneer at; little knowing that sci-fi is where imagination begins for all of our futures.

    If you can dream it, you can make it become real.

    You have to have balance and timing, it is more true than ever before in order to live through these times.

    You can’t gloss over and get the surface of something and then proclaim you know it.

    The horror attached to sci-fi is overplayed at times, like that channel we are stuck with in the states. They like the fantasy, they like the horror, because their target audience with cash is so immune to real suffering in this world that to find balance in their psyche they watch this crap.

    Mommy and Daddy need to put away the plastic and stop with the reasoning:” I want to give my kids better than i had it.”And then there is the guilt factor of not being home with them to raise them.. Look there life WILL be better than yours because of progress but to take away what forges them into incredible people and not whiny co-dependents is idiotic and a disservice to them.

    Teach them to be tolerant, intellectual, and balanced: to know when to shut up and when to speak up, what battles are worth time and efffort to fight and which get them nowhere.

    You can obtain wisdom at any age; you just have to shut up enough to really listen.

    Sorry soap box moment….

    mandara k

    How remiss of me, that you Nick Z for the update!

    Looks like with Lost and now this I’ll be singing “ABC… easy as 123,”

    You know the Jackson 5 before the perversion 😯

    You know it also reminds me of The Sound of Music, the “do re me” song, and starting all over with erasing stale programming in the “mind” and re-inserting the fresh, new and vitally important.

    Gosh, there is so much work ahead of us and so little time, it’s quite daunting.

    But you have to start somewhere.

    Nick -Z.

    Looks like with Lost and now this I’ll be singing “ABC… easy as 123,”

    ABC, being one of the oldest networks of its kind, doesn’t have a very good track record with sci-fi shows. It had its moments in the 60s and 70s, but totally sucked in the 80s and 90s.

    I can already see some of the mistakes they’re making with this thing, and its really too bad. What I see is some very old conservative incompetents contracting some very new spoiled-brat incompetents that seem to think they know it all about classic sci-fi even though most of them were still sucking their thumbs in the 60s and 70s.

    It’s a loss for them and a loss for the viewers when they are so inbred with their own friends of relatives and relatives of friends that they can’t even open the door for somebody who can actually “think outside the box”.

    Heck, all I do is think outside the box, but the big network brats have to sit around and remind each other to do so because they have no real experience with it.

    One of the biggest mistakes these idiots make is to assume that they know exactly what the viewers want to see, even in the realm of sci-fi, based upon limited polls and surveys, when what they really should be doing is embracing the heart, soul, and imagination of sci-fi and just doing a really good job of providing something less expectant and more interesting (and not just shock-horror trash).

    Now I’m ranting. Truth is, I’m only so interested in this because I don’t have cable right now and it’s one of the only channels (ABC) I get via snowy weathervane antennae. I can’t complain, it’s still free!

    mandara k

    Sign me up if it’s free and good!

    I agree, we are in sore need of the revamping of sci-fi with some old timers not suckled at ST, SW, Matrix or Terminator movies.

    And to hell with re-imagining anything, just because the kiddies can’t think straight for 10 minutes let alone grasp what they are watching why should millions be spent on the same old same old.

    The original is fine, thank you very much.

    don’t get me wrong I really like the CGI now but too much and you go, oh another CGI minute.

    Well gotta go, I always focus on the horror movies i like in October.

    Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Tommyknockers. Poltergeist I and II, some zombie movies, and the classics like Lugosi, and Karloff.

    You can take Saw movies and shove that up you know where; the last modern horror movie i watched and actually liked was the Ring 1.

    I even watched THE worst werewolf movie ever called Ginger Strikes Back. God awful! 😡

    i watch horror once a year at this time, the rest of the year i watch whatever tickles my fancy.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed about this new show; if it’s good and skiffy continues to suck wieners i may give up cable again.

    See ya!

    Nick -Z.

    I agree, we are in sore need of the revamping of sci-fi with some old timers not suckled at ST, SW, Matrix or Terminator movies.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that there aren’t any young artists that have what it takes to contribute to these projects. What i am saying is that too often, the only ones that actually get their foot inside are the kind that don’t know how to think outside of the box because they never actually lived “outside the box”.

    We all know the story. Friend of relative sleeps with executive… and before anyone can prevent it, the friend of relative and/or the relative of friend are in control of everything. History records that this is usually the beginning of the end of a successful company/network and the worst thing that could happen to it.

    It isn’t too hard to diagnose a big company and see that it suffers from such problems. In the case of the really big networks this problem has been there for some time. Artists need to be appreciated for their abilities as artists, not for their sexual foreplay with company executives.

    Well gotta go, I always focus on the horror movies i like in October.

    I’m not a big horror fan, but I agree about the older stuff. Old sci-fi classics that cross into the sci-fi realm are some of the best. “It Came From Outer Space” is pretty good. From the 70s, “Omega Man” is one of my favorites.

    I’m really not the least bit interested in all the blood and guts sensationalism from the 80s and 90s. I’ve seen enough of it to realize how well-done the effects are, but if I want more nightmares, I’d rather they have some relevancy to my real subconscious situation, rather than just be there because they were put there by the idiot box.

    As for the exceptions, I think Stephen King ( is one of the only real masters to come out of the 80s. The guy really knows how to cross the sci-fi/horror themes with expertise. The Tommyknockers, The Langoliers, and The Stand are some of my favorites.

    mandara k

    Neil Gaiman (sp) and his “Mirror mask ” was intriguing to me, but it wasn’t srtaight reality.

    The lack of morality in “Crappywood” is not worth mentioning, though this has been going on forever.


    mandara k

    Change is on the wind though, a writer’s strike is brewing which will truly hmmmm how do i put it, separate the good writers from the bad and if it can be made, this show might get my sci-fi fix because it’s easier to adapt from what is written then to create what is new.

    And not much is new anymore.

    Does it spell a new renaissance for television scifi and tv in general?

    I can only hope!

    Will I be a scab and try to get my work into the hands of networks?

    Not on your life, bub.

    I write for me, a story i want to see, even if it is only in my own mind.

    I’m happy doing only this.

    I’m neutral about the writing war. I’ve been screwed every way past Sunday from both sides, so if they cancel each other out: well I won’t bat an eyelash and just keep writing to amuse myself and well; a need to express.

    And I’ll toss my TV out the window 😯

    No, i need it for movies and such. 😆

    mandara k

    I’m all for new artistic vision as well (I mentioned Gaimen) but not only is hot nookie as no. 1 priority a sign of the fall… it’s the” I saw such and such movie and lifted it for my work.”

    Sure lifting concepts is fine, but mirroring other movies and shows, not cool.

    it’s a lazy man’s way of writing, and it attests to the fact the muse is no longer sitting on his/her shoulder.

    An artist knows what it is like to give birth to a new creation “or as May’s The Courage to Create” (looove that book) on pg 89 he quotes from a Chinese poet “We poets struggle with Non-being to force it to yield Being. We knock upon silence for an answering music.”

    So the blame for our state is not to be laid completely at the industry execs door whom I’m disgusted with, but also to those who should be working but are not whom I’m also disgusted with.

    Like i said this battle could shake out the mundane from the real artists.

    And it’s about frickin’ time!

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