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    Wifey is Russian (and to be honest, you don’t get many subtitled films in the cinema in our area), so I felt mildly obliged to go and see the new Rooskie dark film Night Watch.

    Wadda shock! I was expecting something like that Dostoyevsky story where the main hero of the film axe murders a little old lady and well…. actually it was a bit like that but with Holywood special effects and a rip-roaring story about Vampires…. sort of.

    I quite liked it (Newkate loved the book and hated the film!). What did you guys think?


    Saddy, Saddy, Saddy…. I do not drink ‘Fourbucks Coffee’, I do not hang in art galleries and I do not watch subtitled films. I am an American darn it! You speak english in a film or we don’t watch it! 😀

    n5 -kopele

    The book you’re talking about is called “Crime and Punishment”. Honestly it’s my favourite book. I read it this summer. Ночной дозор has reached our cinemas too, so I’m just waiting for the company and we’re going to watch it!
    I’m just afraid that it will repeat the same stuff which appear in some dumm american movies of the same genre, like that russian James Bond version which is aired every monday and thursday in Bg…

    n5 -kopele

    Those numbers in my previous post were meant to be the cirillic original name of the movie… Too bad cirillic doesn’t work here.


    Yep, Crime and Punnishement was a blast but I began to lose interest after the nasty old lady got a frontal lobotomy. How did you rate Night Watch?

    I believe thaty the film was first part (third) of the first book of a trilogy – I wonder if they will make another eight!

    And hey Frey! Loads o’mericans watch subtittled films – and most of the stuff I watch nowadays is subbed (anime). Me and Newkate even fansubbed a cool Rooskie film ourselves which you JUST GODDA WATCH called Kin Dza Dza. I’ll send you a copy of the DVD if you like?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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