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    well, quite a few episodes on, i find i’m a bit of a fan of Odyssey 5. while i realise it isn’t quite to everyone’s taste, i’ve found it to be quite intriguing- with all the possibilities involved with ‘time travel’ (what happens when people get a chance to live part of their lives again), with some seriously heavy science possibly in the background. Wednesday night was couch potato night (Monday too, though for different shows!), with Sky One showing SG-1 at 8pm, and Odyssey 5 after it. 2 weeks ago, they took it off, saying that it would be back in 2 weeks on Sky One Mix at 10pm on a Thursday. thinking at first that Sky One Mix was just a name they were giving to a slot in their schedules, i thought nothing of it…until i get a TV guide and realise that Sky One Mix is a COMPLETELY different channel, and for some reason, all they have done on Wednesday night is replace O5 with another ep of SG1 (not that i’ve got any problem with that, but that’s not the point). the real prob is that i’ve not got a Sky digibox & a Sky package, i’ve got NTL cable, and at the moment they don’t have Sky One Mix in their package. all i can say now is… THANKS A BLOODY LOT, SKY!!!! &%%%@@@~~### ๐Ÿ˜ก


    Err… what is O5 about, anyway?

    ”Chameleoin” wrote:

    Err… what is O5 about, anyway?

    It is about five astronauts that were launched into space. The earth blew up while they were out and some ‘super’ being threw them back in time five or seven years. Can’t remember how long for sure.

    Their mission is to stop the world from being destroyed by these super machines that brought on the destruction of Earth. I think they were machines, not sure if they were supposed to be from some alien place or what. I only saw a few episodes before we changed movie channel subscriptions.

    the five astronauts have ‘replaced’ their past selves with all knowledge of what will be happening in their personal lives in the coming years. Many of the characters try to change their personal histories while they are also trying to prevent the destruction of the world.

    P.S. Thanking admin for spell check! Many flowers and chocolates, thank you!


    it gets better, kids!!! i hadn’t realised that this week was going to be the SG1 finale, so i thought that they may bring O5 back to its ‘normal’ slot, once SG1 was done. what do i see is on next week instead??? repeats of SG1 at 9pm…but even better MUTANT X at 8pm!!! that load of sphericals ACTUALLY got ANOTHER series??? they took something off that was at least half-way intelligent, for repeats and a pile of crap??? Gaaaagh!!!!! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


    It was 5 years. And I’m also pretty ticked off as Sky One Mix (or whatever) is only available if you have a Sky dish, and we’re cable.
    They got around the impossibility of time travel by ‘downloading’ their consciousness and memories into their bodies 5 years ago, something that ‘the seeker’ couldn’t do for himself when the same thing happened to his own planet as he is an energy being with no physical body. The major paradox is that they’ve made so many immense changes that the mission that put them up will probably never happen anyway…


    lovely people, Sky… hid O5 on Sky One at 1.50am on thursday morning. didn’t exactly tell us! only saw it by chance in the small print in my tv mag. taped it last week- but can’t find it AT ALL anywhere in this week’s schedules. apparently the show’s having probs finding a home in the States? tried looking for info on it, and the first thing that came up was the Showtime website. tried to go on it, wouldn’t let me in as the site is apparently only accessible in the States. had a flit round a few other sites. looks like the plug’s been pulled ๐Ÿ˜ฅ i am soooo sick of getting into shows, only for some penny-pinching network executive to come along and pull the plug!!! apparently there is some hope- Sony are apparently pushing the show with other networks, though it may be a while before we know anything. found a site which will pass on your support and thoughts on the show to Manny Coto (i’ve bookmarked it- i’ll post the link if anyone’s interested). if you can find the ep which i taped last week on the net, i’d recommend the time it takes to download it. i think it’s entitled ‘Fossil’. it was a CRACKING episode! just hate for it to be the last one.

    A -DM

    I’m not saying I’m like everyone else in this opinion, but there are two shows on Sky that I simply lost interest in…Odyssey 5 and Jeremiah.
    I watched the first three eps of Odyssey 5 and began to find it boring, then I couldn’t be bothered to pay anymore attention to it, when I did get back to it I had lost my bearings as to what was going on and it seemed pointless to continue to watch it, and I think therein lies the problem for shows like this.
    It’s a good premise, but the way it’s played out is too long winded and doesn’t capture the imagination, for me it’s a case of coming home feeling tired and just wanting to watch something that’s easy to get into without dozing off to sleep!!!
    The irony is that both shows are much better than Mutant X, but Mutant X doesn’t get bogged down by an ongoing story, it’s the acting and plots that makes it crap.
    To be honest I’m not surprised that Odyssey 5 has gone this way and I expect the same too happen to Jeremiah, they are not badly done shows, in fact the acting and direction is top quality, but they don’t offer enough interest in their stories and they don’t make for compulsive viewing.
    All in all, I didn’t feel any connection to the characters and so it was hard too feel for them, the 5 years they had to try and stop it happening again just seemed to be a great burden, where you just end up thinking it can only go two ways, they either save the world or they don’t, but you know deep down they will, but in all honesty I can’t be bothered too wait five years to find out.
    I would probably have watched the beginning and then 5 years later caught the end just out of curiousity, but not watched anything in between because I couldn’t care less what happened in the five years running up too it.
    The same for Jeremiah, he’s looking for Valhalla, well now that we know that, why bother watching anymore?, it doesn’t seem like that much of a goal anyhow.
    These ideas would work well in a film or a trilogy of films, but for a long running series it’s just tedious.
    I think that’s why programmes that are open with no explanation as to what might occur in the next episode are more appealing, both Jeremiah and Odyssey 5 have essentially given too much away to begin with and you are left with the feeling that each ep is not going to offer anything new.
    I felt the same way after Logan’s Run, they left the dome looking for sanctuary, but after they left you kinda knew what was too come.
    I think that’s why Voyager lost it’s appeal, after a while people just lost interest in whether they made it home or not, and Enterprise could easily go the same way if it were not for people perhaps wanting too know how the federation and other things came into existence, but it’s a fine balance, but I think that like TNG it will just be trying new things out in it’s stories.
    I am actually surprised that Jeremiah hasn’t been given the chop before Odyssey 5, as Jeremiah offers a futuristic vision, but offers little else, at least with Odyssey 5 you get some eye candy which I feel is integral to the success of a Sci-fi show. Jeremiah is little more than a futuristic western that relies too heavily on it’s stories, and because of it’s lack of anything techie or any eye candy it smacks of cheapness, plus we’ve all seen it before, a la Mad Max.


    Wow, sounds interesting, Trillian!

    Jeremiah is little more than a futuristic western that relies too heavily on it’s stories, and because of it’s lack of anything techie or any eye candy it smacks of cheapness, plus we’ve all seen it before, a la Mad Max.

    Ah-HEM, that was one of our better productions.


    On the subject of Sky One Mix, it’s suddenly turned up on out NTL subscription without any warning. Id did mean that I got to watch Alias on Monday for the first time in ages, and just as well really as so much happened in that episode that if I doubt anything afterwards would have made sense had I missed it (not an immense deal seems to have happened otherwise since I saw it last), kinda like when ITV missed half a season of SeaQuest and we were suddenly dumped in the future with no explanation.

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