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    Disney have recently put in a bid to buy out the Jim Henson Co. for $135m.

    There are other bids, but none said to get close to Disneys offer.

    Personally I think Jim Henson was a god. In my opinion he was to animatronics and puppetry, what Harry Harrihausen was to stop motion.

    The man worked miracles with puppets and his company has pushed the level and quality of animatronics to knew and exceptional heights. Disney are a bunch of capitalistic nazis who have a complete disregard for the integrity of the stories they have shanghai’d and (I believe) a rather unscrupulous method of doing business. To me, they are the Microsoft of the movie world. If there is something that could jeapardise their stranglehold on what they consider ‘their part of the market’, they throw huge amounts of money around until it is either brought out or crushed.

    I think it is outrageous that another ‘small’ company capable of fantastic work is going to swallowed up by one of the big ‘morals free’ corporations.

    If it does happen you will just have to colour me gutted.


    i always remember this magazine that did an article on Disney a few years ago (it may have been about the man himself, i can’t remember exactly, i never actually read the article)- the thing that stuck in my mind about it was the magazine cover. it was a picture of Micky Mouse, not as a cute and loveable character, but this thing with really evil eyes, and a sharp-toothed evil grin. made me a little suspicious, especially when we have an organisation that has churned out fluffy family films for years…hmmm, global domination through subliminally influencing the masses, perhaps?? maybe, maybe not. however what is obvious is that Disney is one huge money making machine, and i would be suspicious of the motives of any organisation that is so driven by profit.


    I guess that’s the end of “Pigs in Space the movie”
    Disney you diabolical fiend you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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