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    mandara k

    I like boxing, the gentleman’s sport; so i like this ep so far.

    Didn’t know Bamber was so short and the bamberettes got to be waxing poetic about the lack of shirt.

    I love how Starbuck cleans clocks and the side betting; Gaeta running it?

    Wouldn’t it be a scream if i love this ep best.

    Why? “cause the flashbacks before are the feck all over the place; one person; see them flashback; that’s what i mean about keeping it simple stupid. If you got to play it timing keep it simple.

    Adama smoking?

    mandara k

    It was a better ep but then we got to the Adama speech; um…. don’t know why kinda unclear on why that would suck the life out of the grudges; letting members of families go is the mark of true love; because you must let peeps find their own way and their own voice in this world; not coddle them not abandon them but be close enough to let them make the falls and help them back up, then they try and fall, you help them back up.

    Otherwise, they resent you. Um… if Adama would be a hard-ass about not letting Cally and Tyrol (which by the way is the cheesiest fake grin for a couple i have ever seen in the media) muster out; they might, in the long run resent him, thus bad feelings. New Caprica was a bad choice but like Roslin said, for a moment it was a good choice.

    You have to have calms before storms to rest between battling the problems in our lives; we have to have these “stop and smell the roses” moments. Otherwise life becomes series of heartbreaking moments surronded by numbing boredom.

    We all have been there; knowing a loved one is making a bad choice, trying to explain to why it’s a bad choice but deep down you know you have to let them try or it would break their heart and spirit.

    It hurts… really hurts; you want to rush in and save them but you know they would end up resenting your interference. And they wouldn’t listen anyway, Sound familiar? 😉

    Anywho, I’m not getting the “getting too soft” moment of the speech… is it a direct correlation to Tyrol not pushing his guy to work and that more discipline about work needs to be pounded into these New Caprica returnees? Was it a comment about the whole fraternizing and sloppiness in his misfit outfit that Cain alluded to?

    I get the bloody Adama thing, you make wrong decisions in power; you get the crap kicked out of you and people die; lives are destroyed; this is the fantastical “good leader” dream. “If you cut one of us, do i not bleed; type scenario which i believe in a roundabout way.

    I guess i don’t think it is too clear 😈 May be I’m reading too much into it but it sounds like I’ll never let my “family” stray too far from me again; that given the same scenario again I would not let them try for a new life. Yeesh….. tha’d be a really bad move.

    Again, it’s not too clear, but worth the few fog clearing love taps on Tyrol; loved it, loved it ;LOVED it!!!!

    Besides Cally is getting obnoxious and airheady… may be having kids do that to a woman.

    The Adama Roslin thang would have to grow on me; and well the Lee/Kara match was oh entertaining enough, and the intercuts interesting, but well together it worked they really made that part pop; that two people who care deeply for each other and can hurt each other just as deeply- this is just a physical manifestation of deeper inner pain of being punched and kicked around by the other.

    I was glad to see them finally resolve the when they had good sex moment…. and the tension building so now may be they can truly care for each other; not neccessariy in a sexual, loving way like most couples dream of; but in a “I know you, I know you hurt me and i hurt you but you add so much value to my life that life without you in some fashion is intolerable.” The moment you realize that no matter how a person in your life has treated you; that you want them to be a part of your life in some way. That somehow the sky is less bright without them. You know sometimes you’ll hate them or be angry with them, or ignore them, or take advantage of them, or denigrade them, but other times your very breath is only them; and they would be your brightest and only star in the heavens; you would give up everything to keep this one human being, near you and happy and healthy.

    It is both of these extremes and everything in between; it simply loving another human being.

    It’s knowing that through it all; they would remain your greatest friend; and you theirs.

    I can say that i have been blessed with loving a few people on this planet like this… even just one of them has blessed me immeasurably.

    Thank you universe for the love I had; for the loves I have now in my heart and the love yet to come!


    mandara k

    I love that; can ! borrow that?

    Now, now,
    is it my posting done under the influence of some rum and watching the ep between the posts.

    OR is it the ep of the show?

    Bonnee babe,
    I don’t see you jumping in; may be you explain the Adama speech to me?

    Or do you have a proctologist’s exam schedued? 😮


    I was more commenting on your rambling ‘thoughts’ Mandara…and a proctologist exam is always imminent.

    mandara k


    Didn’t you get the memo; I’m crazeeeee! 😆 😆 😆

    Funny how that phrase is overused by people not holding a degree in neuropyschology, psychology or psychiatry.

    No matter….. I don’t have a family history of dementia…

    but I do just throw it out there.

    Mandara is my screen name,

    rambling is my game.

    ON boards I will not be tame,

    nor will i kowtow to others seeking fame.

    (it’s a waste of time)

    Ya geared up for Heroes, bonbon?


    Ya geared up for Heroes, bonbon?

    Definitely M, although I have to confess to being less impressed by it as the show progresses. Now that I’ve got used to its ‘style’, it seems less impressive. Still a great show of course, but I think I prefer BG all said and done – BG is at least preoccupied with real feelings and issues.

    Speaking of – and to – nutters, you should check out Dexter on Showtime if you can. That’s a great show too.

    mandara k

    “Mwhaaa” thanks for the continued support for nutters like me!

    I think you can keep BG and the character development; at least you can be entertained with Heroes; with moralizing Adama and moralizing podcasts to back them up; it’s a snorefest…

    I can be really guilty about soapboxing like the best of them but then I don’t run a show trying to attract viewers.

    BG so needs tolerance with direction; a belief in the refusal to divide a fanbase because of personal bias; rising above the melee to create something worthwhile; to be strong enough and have faith enough in the product not piss and moan at those that reiterate the same negativity ad nauseum because they feel they are not being heard and actually were told they are not being heard (stupid mistake)

    That type of silliness is a call to trolls; and really the polarization in this fandom is of the developers and their ancillary families’ own doing; it’s been brewing for a time; now it came to a head. What did you expect?

    I say I sit comfortably on the fence about BSG, and to check the real effect of ratings I propose to those on sci-fi upset about the show; let’s boycott it. You can tape (just tape no TIVo for ratings number) the rest but do not watch the 1st run of it.

    See how low it can go…. then that frees up time for the holidays; avoids infighting and may give you a fresh perspective on the whole thing.

    I’m boycotting the show until sometime next year; if my VCR misses an ep I will not chase it down

    Let the okayers have a day, but then watch how quiet and boring the Skiffy board will get.

    Oh and my quote….

    “When the founding spirit of an organization is forgotten, cliques and factions emerge, power struggles proliferate, and disorder reigns.” Josei Toda

    I’d say the founding spirit of BSG has been forgotten or pushed aside by influential people (like wives) with their own agendas. This spouse stands in the way in the authentic flow between fans and the shows’ top brain trusts. They was such a naturalness to it before; now its tainted by her biases and other “influentials”

    ” Honey, THESE are the people to listen to; not THOSE… THEY are trolls or crazy or stalkers or heaven knows what else.” THESE people LOOVE your work and are so wonderful because they love me and they appreciate me.”

    ooh and another one

    ” Why did the Roman Empire collapse?”According to the French writer Andre Maurois, as soon as Rome ceased to respect the values it was built on, it perished.” Daisaku Ikeda

    One of the values that has been tossed aside is the equal treatment of all TNS fans; now it’s factions and cliques; each tearing each other apart instead of transcending their differences and healing rifts.

    Have a crazeee day everyone!!!! 😀


    Ya geared up for Heroes, bonbon?

    Definitely M, although I have to confess to being less impressed by it as the show progresses. Now that I’ve got used to its ‘style’, it seems less impressive. Still a great show of course, but I think I prefer BG all said and done – BG is at least preoccupied with real feelings and issues.

    Speaking of – and to – nutters, you should check out Dexter on Showtime if you can. That’s a great show too.[/quote]
    Heroes was a nice surprise. Not been disappointed yet. I think your reason for it being less impressive is maybe because many of the secrets/mystery in the beginning has been disclosed. Hehe, well all if you count the last episode now. 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed for it not turning into a pile of dren.

    The same kinda goes for Battlestar Galactica, although I still think it got a season left for finishing it up.

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