Onisame e – What is it? and where can we get it?

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    Peter answered a post on another BBS where I was asking for info on any other cool sci fi that us sadgeezers hadn’t seen before:

    I watched the entire 38 episode Onisama e series in about 4 viewings (once you start, you can’t stop). The tapes were very well dubbed in Korean (no doubt pirated, since I saw this before the lifting of Korean restrictions of Japanese imported media)– in fact, I thought the Korean voice actress for the character Saint- Juste was better cast than the Japanese original (more androgynous).

    It’s based on the comic by Ryoko Ikeda, who deserves appropriate credit, while, as mentioned, Osamu Dezaki did a masterful job of directing. Funny thing about Dezaki is that he seems at his best in the T.V. serial form. The impact of his work is based almost entirely on staging, pacing, and camerawork. His approach to directing has been THE major influence on the look of Japanese animation for the past 20-odd years. Rintaro, Kawajiri, Ikuhara, among others, acknowledge his influence (as do I).

    Miyazaki, on the other hand, has (successfully) resisted the tide of what he calls “excessive expressionism” in Japanese animation:

    Miyazaki on Japanese Animation (1988)

    Skye, I’m wondering if you’ve seen the series to the end. I notice that the English sub version is as yet incomplete– though it looks like it won’t be long before i’ts available.

    Onisama e fromTechnogirls

    — Peter Chung (from a post on the LUSENET Aeon Flux BBS)

    Clearly not sci fi – Have any of you seen it? Know where to get it?

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