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    Well since we have so many closet OCC fans. I thought I would add a new thread for us to chat in.

    I am looking forward to seeing the Irobot bike tomorrow night. ;D

    I watched the Miller Welding bike this weekend. Very interesting. The trailer was a good idea for this bike and I think the paint job was just super. J.B. Graphix isn’t it?


    For sure the “I Robot” bike should be interesting. We’ll see if Will Smith’s designing lives up to his acting… And yes, the “Miller” bike was gorgeous… just what do you think the value of that artwork was? My favorite was the “Black Widow” … what an awesome chunk of metal !! .. (valued at $150K .. whew!) … and how about that “Fire Bike” ? .. The OCC guys sure outta be proud of that one … gee .. the carburetor alone took 3000 hours to design and manufacture .. can you put a price tag on that ?? .. My poor little head just spins……….

    By the way … American Chopper fans DON’T hang out in closets, they’re hanging out in a garage near you !!



    Will Smith is designing the iRobot bike? Hummm, I didn’t know that, I must have seen a more chopped (snicker) down version of the promo.

    But now, if he is designing it, the same way that the Pauls normally give directions to JB to paint, then it will be all right. ;D I love the…. just give me something christmasy….. or we want it to look like this poster a bit….. 🙂 Perhaps, he will just say, like that with this, this and this on it. 🙂


    Ya know it’s one thing to undermine the American public for a two hour commercial for the movie (which will suck). But to change the theme of the show from a “real life documentary” into a soap opera, well no thanx… also see Monster Garage. Nobodies that make it big on the T.V. Box and make more in sales with their logo on anything and being spokespersons. Their craft and the quality of the show dissipate. If you’ve seen the first few episodes you would know what I mean. Well I feel better now… 😉

    Hey I wanna be a sell out too….. Ya know have no class….

    Nah… forget it I’d rather have respect.


    no? But it can be so lucrative. ;D

    I missed this ep! Rats. Did you see it? What did the bike look like?


    Didn’t show it part 2 next week. Sorry Frey


    Ah, well I can wait.

    I read that Will Smith had no idea what the bike was going to look like, He only gave them a general feel for the movies and then they watched a few trailers.

    Apparently when they were on Letterman last year, they were described as a family that builds bikes and likes to argue a lot. So Paul said, “Oh, they’re like the Osbournes.”

    Owwww oww ow. The mental image of Ozzie and Paul Sr in the same room, While Paulie and Sharon go at it tooth and nail.

    I can’t even imagine how the Oz Kids and Mikey would interact.

    But…. I found this great OCC Game! What do ya think?

    American Chopper, The Drinking Game

    1 When someone days “Awesome,” drink.
    2 When someone says “incredible,” drink.
    3 In the unlikely event somone on the show should have the word “FAAAAAABulous” come out of their mouths, EVERYONE finishes their drink immediately.
    5 When Big Paul calls Paul Junior “stupid,” drink.
    6 If Paul Junior comes back with “You’re Crazy,” drink again.
    7 Drink whenever Mikey is shown.
    8 Drink two if Mikey does something stupid.
    9 Drink Three if Paul Sr. OR Junior hits Mikey in any way.
    10 Drink when Big Paul is shown riding his chopper in a “pensive mood.”
    11 Drink two if he is doing a philosophical vioceover during the shot.
    12 Drink three whenever Big Paul is shown slumming it by riding his Harley Davidson.
    13 Drink four if he’s riding his HD and talking about how relaxing it is.
    14 On road trip, drink every time ANYONE mentions:
    how nice it is to get away.
    how hard it is to be on the road.
    how the trip is a great way to catch up on sleep.
    15 When Cody is shown working on a bike, drink.
    16 Drink Two when Big Paul gives Cody a fatherly hug or advice.
    17 Drink Two Paul Jr. acknowledges Cody’s existence.
    18 If a fireman is shown with the “Fire bike”, drink.
    19 If he’s got the Dalmatian with him, drink two.
    29 If there is ALSO an actual fire truck shown in the background, finish your drink.
    21 Whenever Paul Jr. yells as Big Paul about how he never does any work. Drink.
    22 When Big Paul comes back with something about “I could come out of retirement and work circles around you,” drink yet again.
    23 Drink everytime an object gets thrown.
    24 Drink whenever someone slams a door.
    25 Drink Three if the person slamming the door is Vinnie.
    26 Drink when Paul Jr. Test rides a new chopper.
    27 Drink two if the voiceover is Paul Jr. talking about how special the bike is.
    28 Drink whenever Paul Jr. says “sick”.
    29 You should take a drink anytime Mike, Paul Jr., Paul Sr., or Vinny says, “But I gotta be honest with you.”


    ……I like convoluted games with heaps and heaps of rules. Especially entertaining, in a stomach churning way, are sickeningly dizzying, mind-numbingly complex drinking games. *hick*

    Really? As you can see I moved your quote to this location…. because…. we are talking about drinking games!

    Just for the record, I don’t drink much, but I tried the drinking game above using bottled water.

    Hellllllllo! I thought I was going to run out of the stuff. I am sure I almost gave my self water posioning. Also, it made watching the show hard. Too many potty breaks. So how any one could do this with real alchol I have no idea.

    You would have to be made of stone and peeing off the porch (because you would not be able to WALK to the bathroom) to do this.

    But… I could be wrong, and I await the first report of someone who has tried it with something stronger than aqua fini.

    I am not sure what the name of the bike (ladies I think) they were building last week was. But…. I do think that senior and Paulie should not go hammer and tongs at each other if they are going to start misting up in front of the camera. 😀


    Well they did an OCC Marathon today.

    I must say, I am totally underwhelmed by Senior’s mechanical skills. He has been off fabrication for awhile apparently and it shows. Of course, if he could SEE that might help. Yo! Senior, put your freaking glasses on and keep them on.

    Vinnie is still my fav. But Mikey humour makes it an easier show to watch.

    I liked the sled they made for last years Christmas Bike, but I especially liked the fact that Junior had to dress up like the fashion victim elf. Senior made a better looking Santa than Mikey, but perhaps they did not want Mikey driving the Bike/sled rig. Understandable, since it looked a bit unwieldy.

    They showed several different bikes. The Mann bike was interesting. But I still like the Miller Bike.


    I watched some of the marathon on Christmas with my dad, I’d never watched the show before.
    We saw the one on the POW MIA bike they made for the Veterans Paul Sr. had met.
    My dad’s a vet, it was meaningful to watch them craft this bike with him.
    The bike was beautiful, Cody did a tremedous job on the graphics.

    And that drinking game would be brutal!


    Yes that was an interesting bike.

    This evening they re-ran the Jet Bike episode. If I am not mistaken, that was the bike that was built for a biker buildoff and is what resulted in Senior and Junior being offered this show. It was an interesting build, with a great paint job.


    Okay, I have missed this two times. On the green spider bike, where in the heck did they put the gas tank on this thing?!?

    I was on their web site the other day….. a occ frangrance called Full Throttle? What the heck is that like? The smell of grease, sweat and chrome polish? 😉 I think I will not be buying any for theSpouse any time soon. 😀


    Gas tank is in front of the rear wheel, between the motor and wheel. Looks like a fender and the oil tank is under the trans is I remember right (which isn’t new).


    Pointless obervation – Nubby stinks, I want JB back as the painter.

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