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    Who do you think should win the best Animated Feature Film award? And why?

    I loved shrek2 as most of you may know, but… the Incredibles blew me away.

    Word is that Incredibles has it hands down in the technical and story line areas, but that the vote is still up in the air because the Shrek franchise line is so powerful and has racked up more bucks to date and Dreamworks is more closely tied with mainstream hollywood which is where the voting is coming out of.

    Incredibles *crosses fingers*


    Just GODDA be Incredibles! Shrek II was ok, but a bit too much written to formula….. hmmm… so was Incredibles I guess but that seemed less predictable.

    To be honest, I just can’t get into US animation at the moment, You can’t really compare Shrek or Incredibles to say, Spirited Away or even the old favourite, Fantastic Planet – and I’m still reeling from some of the cool Japanese stuff that’s around. Just watched ‘Great Teacher Onizuka’ and LMAO!


    It has to be the incredibles, the show was funny, it was new, it made me laugh,

    I know I’ll probably be ritually slaughtered by some people for this, but I don’t think that Shrek I or Shrek II were that good. So I’ll be gutted if Shrek II wins.


    *theFrey does a stupid little dance while chanting annoyingly*

    We won, we won. Oh yeah, we won. Take that, we won. 😆

    Sorry Antonio, ya know I loved you, but I gave my heart to Dash. 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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