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    I’m finding it real hard to find any other website that contain info on Tripping the Rift.

    The only one I have found so far is Chris Moellers site (where the episodes can be downloaded:

    Tripping the Rift (dod com)

    Does anyone know of any others?


    I just thought I’d kick this thread back to the top and revive it.

    Has anyone else heard of any other fan sites related to the series. The only one I’ve found are TV Tome, (and IMDB, if you count that as a fan site). Someone else has to have at least started brainstoming a fan site by now…


    well i don’t know of any other fan site’s yet

    http://tiedyejedi.com/Downloads/Content.asp used to host ep 1 to 8. (if you find any RazZLe encodes in kazaa they came from that site)

    Currently there are a few postings on tripping the the rift on my board http://jimmy.voltage.be/forums/ in the other series section.
    And there are plans to give it it’s own section.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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