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    So… I’m posting this because B5 looks lonely and my hyperfocus will not let it rest.

    Are there any episodes in which the Pak’Ma’Ra both do not appear in the background and are not mentioned by name? So far they are more ubiquitous than Garibaldi. Every time I think I remember an episode they could not be in, they are.



    do you have a list of eps that they are in so we don’t re-invent the wheel in our search?



    Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think they weren’t in many of the first season episodes, but now you come to metion it, I can only think of the episodes involving the army of lights fight with Earth (Mars attack etc.) but I may be wrong.

    Still trying to get the reviews back up onto the site (to jog my memory).



    It may be easier to list the episodes they aren’t in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    They are in the background or mentioned in nearly every episode in seasons 1-3. There may be some I missed because sometimes I get caught up in the story and forget to scream and point when they walk by, but they hang out in the Zocalo a LOT.

    (Which begs the question, what do Pak’Ma’Ra shop for?)

    I think they are not in Soul Hunter, Mind War, and Survivors.

    Season 4:

    I thought they couldn’t possibly be in The Face of the Enemy, but I think Ivanova mentions something about everyone looking like a Pak’Ma’Ra ate their cat.

    They are not in Intersections in Real Time.

    They are not in Endgame, erm, unless you count their ships as a sighting. (?)

    This is about the point in the series where I forget to look for them every time. Next time I should tack a checklist to my TV. So, I don’t know how often they appear in Season 5. Yet.

    I have not hunted for them in the movies and the less said about their semi-nude appearance in Crusade the better….

    I have just converted someone to B5 and (somewhat unfairly) asked for him to look, but he got caught up in the story, too.



    [quote=pet] I have just converted someone to B5 and (somewhat unfairly) asked for him to look, but he got caught up in the story, too. [/quote]

    ๐Ÿ™‚ย  It’s easily done, I don’t think I would have the fortitude to concentrate like that – why did you want to know?ย  Just curious?



    Well, the first time through I barely noticed them. Then I got to the part where they get turned into spies by the Rangers because they are “invisible”.

    The second time through I started seeing them all the time. Later I started seeing them EVERYWHERE. To the point that, were I a drinking person, Pak’Ma’Ra sightings might make a good drinking game. Almost as good as Minbari sightings.

    (Then sometimes I think I see a hump behind someone but it turns out to be a hat.)

    I’m editing a story by a JMS fan (original– not fanfic) and I’ve just converted my friend so now of course I have to watch them all again since I’m discussing them daily, which means I might as well hunt for Pak’Ma’Ra.

    Truthfully, I suspected someone else somewhere in the vast reaches of the internet had already come up with Pak’Ma’Ra statistics. It seems obvious in hindsight that stating they are invisible is a challenge to find them.



    They’re everywhere and no one notices. Pak Ma Rah Rangers were used as spies and observers for that very reason. That was Sheridan’s solution what to do with Pak Ma Rah Rangers. They are, apparently, ubiquitous!ย 



    well – apparently I have the attention span of a gnat…I watch it just to find – or not find- your ugly fellows…and then *pouf* I’m switching off the ep. Arrghh!


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