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    Ms. Z is a co-star in THE JANE SHOW. You can see ep 1 on line at this link.
    Sadly, you can only see it if you live in Canada. (anyone who knows where a region free copy of this might be found, please point us in the right direction)
    Patricia ‘Susan’ Zentilli Bio: Patricia plays “Susan” Jane’s all-too-perfect best friend. Susan is a woman with a five-year plan – great career, find a successful investment banker, get married. She’s materialistic, self-centered, and very funny.

    Patricia Zentilli plays “Susan”, Patricia grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia before moving to Toronto to take on roles on several TV shows including ReGenesis, also produced by Shaftesbury; Blue Murder, Made in Canada and Wonderfalls. She has appeared on The Chris Isaak Show, The Sean Cullen Show, This is Wonderland and has a fan following for her role as Bunny in the cult sci fi series Lexx. She has been in several movies including Touch & Go and New Waterford Girl.

    More info on the Show at

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