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    I got this idea off a Times News site while I was reading a review for Spielberg’s new Film “Munich”.


    I voted Juriassic Park. To me this was very unique, new idea and exciting.
    How does Spielberg do it? He makes so many Iconic and Ground-breaking films. And regaardless of subject, the quality is always Suberb!


    Yep, but I think his best by a long, long way was his first film, Duel. That was absolutely gripping and made with a tiny budget.

    Duel’ originally aired on the CBS network in 1971 as a Saturday Night Movie. The original film was only 74 minutes long. ‘Duel’ was rated extremely high by critics. Many beleive ‘Duel’ was responsible for making suspense films so popular in the 1970’s. Soon after ‘Duel’, The Airport films, Spielberg’s Jaws, and many more suspense films were released.

    ‘Duel’ is now a film many professors at colleges require for film students. Many professors feel ‘Duel’ represents a triumph in visual presentation of emotions & insecurity. Some even consider it a silent film because there is so little dialogue.


    Thanks for the headsup on “Duel”. I’m checking that up now.

    Here is a link to an interview with Spielberg on his latest movie “Munich”. He makes some reference to his scifi flicks and what direction he is choosing today.

    Just saw an ad for it on TV today.



    “Following ‘Duel’s successful TV airing, Universal released ‘Duel’ overseas in 1973. Since the movie’s 74 minutes was not long enough for moviegoers, Universal had Spielberg spend 2 days filming several new scenes. These new scenes turned ‘Duel’ into a 90 minute film. The new scenes were the railroad crossing, school bus, and David Mann’s telephone conversation with his wife. Profainity was also dubbed in to make the film look like a major motion picture.”

    Do you hear that Oh Great Unwashed Ones? Swearing was added so that we can feel right at home, so we can feel we are not missing out on anything!


    But at that, considering the plot, swearing would be unavoidable..maybe it was left out in the original.


    Uhhhhh hello. Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    Classic story, boy knew girl in the biblical sense.
    Boy and girl fought and split.
    Girl’s father held clue to a fantastic discovery.
    Boy now has to find girl.
    Girl still mad at boy for being a jerk.
    Boy makes nice.
    Girl passive-agressively injures boy a few times until she thinks they are even.
    Girl gets kidnapped!
    Distraught boy has great scene involving skilled swordsman and gun which evens odds.
    Girl accepts present from bad man who also knew her father.
    Boy finds both girl and treasure, but leaves girl on ice until he secures it.
    Boy hates snakes
    Boy gets caught, but also gets girl back.
    Boy and escape.
    Girl gets captured… again.
    Boy rides for hundreds of miles, if not more, being towed by submarine.
    Boy dresses in uniform way too small.
    Boy gets captured… again.
    Boy and girl are re-united, but still captured.
    Bad man takes them to wittness his triumph.
    Boy and girl don’t wittness really cool special effects.
    Minions of god kill everyone but boy and girl, who didn’t peek.
    Goverment takes treasure from boy and girl and hides it in warehouse next to energy efficent fuel cell engines and perpetual motion machine.
    Boy and girl go get coffee.

    Greatness I tell ya!



    You forgot my best Spielberg movie : Empire Of the Sun.

    My best ever… by far!

    lexxrobotech wrote:


    You forgot my best Spielberg movie : Empire Of the Sun.

    My best ever… by far!

    Not me who forgot! I only took the poll off the weblink I gave above. I wondered how many might not be there and why they selected only those.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out “Empire of the Sun” was J.G. Ballard’s fictionalized autobiography.

    Here are the poll results so far:

    What is your favorite Spielberg movie?
    Schindler’s List (1993) 26% <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) 21%
    Saving Private Ryan (1998) 19%
    E.T. (1982) 11%
    Jaws (1975) 8%
    Jurassic Park (1993) 7%
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) 6%
    War of the Worlds (2005) 1%
    Total Votes: 12,314


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