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    mandara k

    My friend, Punk Rasta Girl aka Rachel and I are studying “The Bad Girl’s Guide to the Open Road” for our road trip to Halifax. We are intently studying passages like ” 14 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle with your Car”, “Drive By Dating” and little tidbits like: Real Men don’t drive an automatic; The only reason guys drive an automatic is so there is no stick shift to get in the way on a date AND A car is a huge vibrator on wheels: All a girl really needs to get some satisfaction is a car, a tank of gas, a bumpy road, and a tight pair of jeans.

    Mandara K aka Thelma

    mandara k

    And some more tidbits for those inclined:

    From “The Bad’s Girl’s Guide to the Open Road”

    A-hem… (clearing my hand/throat)

    ‘Small Things to do in A Big City’

    *Check the local paper and find an art gallery where you can drink lots of free wine.

    *Get on a bus, grab a transfer, and ride around the city all afternoon.

    *Enter a poetry slam and read your bad road haiku.

    *Ask directions with a fake French accent and see how many answers you can get.

    * Sing “This Land is your Land, This Land is My Land” at open mike night

    *Join a picket line

    *Go to a multiplex theatre and see how many movies you can sneak into before getting thrown out.

    * Visit the zoo and feed the animals

    *Go to a fancy hotel and crash a wedding reception

    *Find the nearest karaoke bar

    *Drive around ahead of the meter maid and feed quarters into all the expired meters

    * Get a free makeover at the cosmetics counter in a department store

    *Get a tattoo

    *Go to a police station and claim to have been abducted by aliens.

    *Volunteer to be a hair model at any salon that will take you.

    *Go to a bar in the financial district that serves free food at happy hour and eat up while scamming drinks from businessmen.

    The BIG TIP: Always be on the lookout for Elvis. If you’ve spent anytime exploring, you know that the King lives on in the hearts ang closets of many people. once you open your heart and invite him into your life, he may appear before you. just keep the faith and keep your eyes open- it happens.

    Mandara K

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