Prisoner or Parallel? U2

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    Been kinda inspired by the Beatles thread… (Penny Farthing Lane! :lol:)

    Okey dokey, it’s pretty obvious the Iron Maiden prisoner songs were inspired by the show (did they do any songs that weren’t based on TV?) and “I helped Patrick McGoohan Escape” most assuredly, but what of the other songs which may or not be related?

    Just to start it off, take a stab at this one… similar themes, written by Irishmen, but is it inspired by or coincidence? Prisoner or Parallel?

    Love Rescue Me, U2: Rattle and Hum

    Love rescue me
    Come forth and speak to me
    Raise me up and don’t let me fall
    No man is my enemy
    My own hands imprison me
    Love rescue me

    Many strangers have I met
    On the road to my regret
    Many lost who seek to find themselves in me
    They ask me to reveal
    The very thoughts they would conceal
    Love rescue me

    And the sun in the sky
    Makes a shadow of you and I
    Stretching out as the sun sinks in the sea
    I’m here without a name
    In the palace of my shame
    Said, love rescue me

    In the cold mirror of a glass
    I see my reflection pass
    See the dark shades of what I used to be
    See the purple of her eyes
    The scarlet of my lies
    Love rescue me

    Yea, though I walk
    In the valley of shadow
    Yea, I will fear no evil
    I have cursed thy rod and staff
    They no longer comfort me
    Love rescue me

    Sha la la…sha la la la
    Sha la la la…ha la la…
    Sha la la la…sha la la la
    Sha la la la…sha la la
    Sha la la la…sha la la la
    Sha la la…
    I said love, love rescue me

    I said love
    Climb up the mountains, said love
    I said love, oh my love
    On the hill of the son
    I’m on the eve of a storm
    And my word you must believe in
    Oh, I said love, rescue me
    Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…

    Yeah I’m here without a name
    In the palace of my shame
    I said love rescue me

    I’ve conquered my past
    The future is here at last
    I stand at the entrance
    To a new world I can see
    The ruins to the right of me
    Will soon have lost sight of me
    Love rescue me

    The Sha La La’s should leave no question in anyone’s mind, IMHO. ๐Ÿ˜€



    The Sha La La’s is a definite giveaway! ๐Ÿ˜€
    And what about “Zooropa” by U2? Prisoner inspired?


    (What do you want?)
    (What do you want?)

    Zooropa…vorsprung durch technik
    Zooropa…be all that you can be
    Be a winner
    Eat to get slimmer

    Zooropa…a bluer kind of white
    Zooropa…it could be yours tonight
    We’re mild and green
    And squeaky clean

    Zooropa…better by design
    Zooropa…fly the friendly skies
    Through appliance of science
    We’ve got that ring of confidence

    And I have no compass
    And I have no map
    And I have no reasons
    No reasons to get back

    And I have no religion
    And I don’t know what’s what
    And I don’t know the limit
    The limit of what we’ve got

    Don’t worry baby, it’ll be alright
    You got the right shoes
    To get you through the night
    It’s cold outside, but brightly lit
    Skip the subway
    Let’s go to the overground
    Get your head out of the mud baby
    Put flowers in the mud baby

    No particular place names
    No particular song
    I’ve been hiding
    What am I hiding from

    Don’t worry baby, it’s gonna be alright
    Uncertainty can be a guiding light
    I hear voices, ridiculous voices
    Out in the slipstream
    Let’s go, let’s go overground
    Take your head out of the mud baby

    She’s gonna dream up
    The world she wants to live in
    She’s gonna dream out loud
    She’s gonna dream out loud
    Dream out loud

    The “Zooropa…vorsprung durch technik Zooropa” bit, which follows “What do you want? What do you want?,” is particularly telling, especially when translated to “Information…we want technical information.”


    Actually I don’t see the connections at all; but then, I have been divorced from the series for a long time. If a song is inspired by the series and the authors of the song acknowledge it – then it is….. If not, then any connection is just rationalizing on our part; nothing wrong there….. The world needs many different views of the same work of art; without this capacity, we would loose the ability for personal interpretation (a bad thing). I must sound like a complete bore here – did I mention that I ran down the block after the ice cream truck (and did not catch it) – now that is the real me…..



    Hee Hee! Zooropa. How’ bout these lyrics:

    Alex Descends into Hell for a Bottle of Milk, U2: A Clockwork Orange, the musical

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


    P.S. Actually, I’m kinda surprised someone voted for “somewhat references”. Who knew?! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was kinda being silly about the 4th and 5th lines in each stanza, and lines Number 1 and 6 being the same.

    This deconstruction thing is sorta fun when you do it without any serious intent! I’m going to go out now and reinterpret the meaning of the stop sign at the next block to suit my own belief system. Wish me luck!

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