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    Managed to see the remake of the Quatermass experiment on BBC 4 last night, vaunted as “the first live presentation in twenty years!” (despite the fact that large sections had to be pre recorded, but still I digress.) Overall I thought that it was reasonable, only one person fluffed their lines and that was a minor fluff. Although many of them just couldn’t act!

    The original was fantastic, if a bit aged when I saw it, and although I liked the remake I thought it got a bit big for itself. Any other views?


    Quatermass Well I agree with you it was OK I’ve not seen the original but I did rate Q/mass and the Pit which was brilliant and then there was always The Stone Tape which I saw when it was originally aired way back in [email protected] so that dates me… still the story has haunted me since. The new Q/mass was s strange kind of time slipped experience….still at least the BBC had the moxie put the thing out. Not much imaginative scifi around, certainly not in the mould of Mr Lynch’s Dune. Interesting how the new Dr Who borrows from just about everything gong from Lexx (Bad Carrots safely metamorphosed into the little spiders) to the watered down 3rd Stage Navigator and minions….shame but then it is, and always has been, mainstream saturday night fodder.

    See ya Loverboy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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