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    Since there is no sub-forum devoted to the X-Files *emo sigh*!

    I’ve been writing an X-Files fanfic for some time now, and I have finally sat down to do some serious work on it when I began, out of a random comment from a friend, to wonder whether or not my X-Timeline was messed up.

    Can anyone find out (two hours on Google and Wikipedia have been conflicting at best) what year Mulder began working on the X-Files, what year Diana joined him, and what year she left him? I know he met the Lone Gunmen in 1989; I seemed to recall that he was working on the X-Files at the time. However, in “The End/The Beginning” (last ep of season 5/first of season 6 resp.), Fowley makes it sound as if they began work on the X-Files in ’91.

    I’m very very confused and would like any ‘Phile input I can get from anyone more knowledgeable than I.

    Oh, and before anyone panics (Don’t Panic!), I’m NOT writing a Mulder/Diana ‘ship fic. That’s just creepy.

    Anyway, tia (Thanks in Advance) for any info you guys can cull for me.

    Oh, by the by–Hi all! I’ve missed you guys (this board is usually so slow that I forget to post here for long, LONG months at a time!)!

    Hugs and stuffin’,

    Nick -Z.

    I would suggest that you try another search engine. Google gets bogged down by trivial links due to the popularity of certain sites and forums, as it is based upon the hits those links get rather than actual priorities of a topic.

    http://www.alltheweb.com uses different search parameters and may be more helpful.

    Have you tried http://www.tv.com? I know it sounds like a long shot, but it may actually have something helpful, as it has been developing quite a bit over the seasons.


    The season list says the first season was in 1993.

    As for the actual dates of Mulders X-file roots, I would think if it can’t be found online, it should be available in the first book — maybe an online library can help?

    Here are two: http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/


    There are many more.

    Nick -Z.

    Ahh, found something that may be very helpful.

    An X-Files timeline:


    If the info you seek isn’t included here, I should be very surprised, as it appears to include just about everything else relating to the X-Files.

    Here’s the site’s home-page:



    Concerning Google. A great way of narrowing down search results is to use the + operator.

    Say you have three required keywords word1, word2 and word3, you can eliminate a lot of redundant results by adding a + infront of each word. Example search: +Mulder +joined +work +x-files

    If you get a lot of results you don’t want, just put a – operator in front of unwanted words. Search example: Mulder -“cancer man”

    Also, if you like to search within a website (a fansite for instance), you can use the site: command. Example search: +mulder +scully site:sadgeezer.com

    Nick -Z.

    what year Mulder began working on the X-Files

    1986. It’s at the x-files timeline site in my earlier post. I don’t doubt that the other answers are there too. It really is very complete with all the x-files trivia a fan would be interested in and more.


    Thank you! 🙂 I’ve been going a little bit nuts with this; my fanfic is very time-sensitive (in that the events have already been written for a certain timeline, and if Mulder had started in the X-Files in 1991 I quite literally would’ve had to abandon the fic).

    If anyone wants to read it, I’ll stick up the first chapter or so on my blog and link it.

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