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    Thanks to everyone who has supported Lexx at Dragon Con, but I wish to send a special thanks to our current top supporter Mike-L!!

    Thank You Mike!!!

    You can view the list of supporters at


    Lubka that great Lexxian artist from Russia has matched Mike-L as our top supporter. Thank You Lubka!

    Thanks of course all Lexxians who are making this Lexx Invasion a possible. I plan to make a scroll or something for Dragon Con to list everyones name in order of their support and display it .

    So if you have bought a ticket, please check the supporter site. Let me know what name you want to be listed as? If your name
    is okay as is, you don’t have to respond, but if you prefer to have you nick listed, please email me back with your real name and the nick you want to use. (since some people use different nicks on different boards)

    If you haven’t gotten a raffle ticket (or more), please get one now.

    we are $1300.00 shy of our goal and I would like to get that taken care of so we can can turn our attention to assisting Trini with the party expenses.


    Also, this is the only place let where you have a chance to get some of Pet’s great Yo-Way-Doh stuff!

    Kai Komic Kaptions Site and Kai and Xev Klone Dolls at http://www.thefrey.com


    WOW! Down to 108! They’re going as fast as the Dragon Con tickets!

    That scroll deserves a very prominent position…behind the cast table perhaps? I would LOVE to display it at the main party (hint hint)!
    The really cool thing about it is the global participation it reflects…how awesome! And downright impressive, too! 8)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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