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    An interesting program on C5 this evening about the real origins of the flying saucer. Apparently designed by German scientists near the end WWII to be a long range, super sonic bomber to use against New York. After the end of the war Russian and US governments grabbed the scientists for their own uses.

    Come the cold war in the ’50s the US military were testing these craft hid the fact by denying their existence and hinting and extraterrestrial origins.

    Is the majority of Sci-fi today fueled by the missinformation of the CIA in the 50s?


    An awful lot of it I think…

    It’s been quite well documented, and there’s been a large amount of speculation over the years.

    Aside from the cover-up of technology that they engaged in, I have a suspicion (we’ll call it a conspiracy theory) that certain authorities have conspired to nurture UFO conspiracy theories so as to divert some of the public’s attention from more down-to earth conspiracies — less than fantastic covert operations that government agencies were involved in.

    That there may be alien invaders from Altaire 4 is more likely to engage the public’s imagination and fascinate than something so mundane as testing and spreading drugs to the citizenry, or covertly supporting a coup in a ‘third world’ country.


    The interesting thing about flying saucers is that the technology predates helicopters, it is based on somthing to do with the flow of air over and under an object. As I understand, the technology proved too difficult to control and was abandoned

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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