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    Ok, some of you may think that we are scraping the barrel with this one, but I found it pretty good to watch. It’s much better than Supernatural (though soime of the girls (including my wife) would definately dissagree!)

    There has only been 1 season so far, but the main character isn’t all about how cool he is and the other characters all seem to be interesting for lots of different reasons.

    There is little eye-candy in this show (yep, I watched Ghost Wisperer for all the wrong reasons!) and yet it’s still watchable!

    The special effects were ok, nothing special but not bad and some of teh stories (especially near th eend of the season) were excellent!

    This show took a LONG time to develop because the producers (I think) didn’t want to weird people out too much until they had become familiar with the characters/story.

    It’s a definate 7 out of ten though!

    Too bad we haven’t seen a show in the last couple of years worthy of a new SG guide!

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