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    holy crap its quiet here now. where did everybody go? anyway, have many people heard that some new episodes of red dwarf are being filmed from january 2009 and will be aired on channel dave in april.  robert llewellyn confirms this on his youtube channel ‘bobbyllew’.  looking forward to the new episodes but also quite worried incase it is awful.  i know what i want to see. what about you guys?  they better not try to make it come immediately after series 8 because all the actors are considerably older now.  they should say it’s ’10 years later…’ which it is.  and just show us what is happening to the crew now, lister should be having some sort of mid-life crisis, kryten should have developed some hilarious malfunctions, cat should be still trying to cling on to his youth, maybe rimmer is a bit cooler now? holy is probably more derranged and kochanski has maybe finally given in to lister and married him cos she wants kids before she’s too old! that would be good actually to tie it in with one of the early series where apparently in the future they do get married.  problem is though how to join this up with the climactic ending of series 8!

     what do you think?

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